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For those who emotion Marvel comics, we tin see Marvel Puzzle Quest arsenic an absorbing casual game. The crippled does not spot dense challenging unit but is relaxing. Players tin acquisition the diamond stacking screen, which is absorbing and fun.

Recently, aft a play of merchandise connected mobile, Marvel Puzzle Quest has officially been brought to PC connected the Steam platform. Still taking the diamond-folding gameplay similar the acquainted Bejeweled crippled series. But successful Marvel Puzzle Quest, the role-playing constituent has been included.

In presumption of our perspective, we tin rapidly recognize that Marvel Puzzle Quest is akin to the celebrated crippled Puzzle & Dragons erstwhile the aforesaid crippled is based connected a diamond puzzle combined with role-playing. However, if successful Puzzle & Dragons, players volition enlistee monsters to their squad, past to Marvel Puzzle Quest, gamers volition beryllium recruited superheroes successful Marvel comics to their squad.

General Information

Norman Osborn is named US information serviceman aft playing a cardinal relation successful the covert Skrull invasion. Despite the facade, Osborn remains a psychopathic criminal, forcing the archetypal Avengers to enactment successful the shadows. He took vantage of the accidental to enactment unneurotic a squad of supervillains who are expected to support their homeland. Thus, pursuing the uncontrolled dispersed of ISO-8, the superhero assemblage intervenes to regain power of the situation.

Marvel Puzzle Quest for iOS is an intelligence puzzle crippled successful the acquainted match-three style. Through these intelligence screens, players volition bid the superhero squad to combat successful epic phantasy battles.

Marvel Puzzle Quest has a gameplay akin to Boost Beat, Kill Me Again: Infectors, oregon Toon Squad erstwhile combining diamond matching games with breathtaking combat role-playing screens. With each operation of 3 oregon much diamonds of the aforesaid colour into a horizontal enactment oregon vertical column, the subordinate volition make almighty combos to onslaught the enemy-based battles. When the wellness barroom of each subordinate of the force squad reaches 0, you volition beryllium the winner.

Besides the absorbing operation of crippled genres that bash not look to acceptable together, Marvel Puzzle Quest besides attracts players by the quality system. These are superheroes coming retired of Marvel comics and celebrated sci-fi movies specified arsenic Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman, and Captain America. In the game, they volition amusement you bid your favourite Marvel characters successful stunning combat RPGs, articulation online PVP tournaments, and signifier alliances. It’s clip to awaken the powerfulness of your superhero and articulation the combat to support the righteousness!

Interesting Gameplay

The lucifer successful Marvel Puzzle Quest takes spot successful 3vs3 teams, wherever the subordinate chooses 3 superheroes successful their squad to fight. In the match, with each palmy diamond stacking, players volition person into harm attacks that onslaught opponents.

As we tin spot successful the game, determination are six diamonds presented connected the board, and the subordinate volition effort to marque a enactment of 3 diamonds of the aforesaid colour (or more) to signifier the attack. The peculiar happening is that for each superhero, players volition besides beryllium capable to activate the hero’s onslaught accomplishment erstwhile matching the close diamond benignant of that character.

For example, Hawkeye, erstwhile the subordinate correctly sets the colour of diamonds, the superhero volition formed the accomplishment “Take Aim”, which makes the onslaught treble the damage. In 1 turn, determination volition lone beryllium 1 superhero going to battle. And to optimize the magnitude of damage, players volition effort to execute combos oregon close matches of the diamond that superhero uses to activate the peculiar skill.

The role-playing origin is shown erstwhile the magnitude of harm dealt is based connected the hero’s spot AND the fig of combos taken. The item of Marvel Puzzle Quest comes from the information that each superhero has its peculiar skills, depending connected those superheroes.

Iron Man, for example, tin withstand well. Some different superheroes enactment to enactment skills to reconstruct wellness oregon summation spot oregon defence stats for teammates. Marvel Puzzle Quest introduces players to 2 main modes of communicative and PVP. In the storyline game, players volition combat enemies with expanding difficulty. It is besides the superior enactment to assistance players marque wealth and level up their characters.

To unlock the skills for the characters, players volition request to execute missions according to the storyline of each superhero. Meanwhile, with the PvP part, players tin freely situation different players. In PvP matches, the hostile volition automatically onslaught and respond to the subordinate based connected the AI ​​of the system. It is besides indispensable due to the fact that players are not ever online to judge challenges from different players. We usage the fittingness strategy to bounds the player’s turn. It is besides communal successful mobile games.

For those who emotion Marvel comics, we tin see Marvel Puzzle Quest arsenic an absorbing casual game. Players tin acquisition the diamond stacking screen, which is absorbing and fun. What is much singular is that the crippled supports some versions connected PC and versions connected mobile devices, giving players much options to experience?

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Special Features

Command Points

In Marvel Puzzle Quest, players volition usage the bid constituent to gain Legendary contented packs and upgrade the powerfulness of the five-star character. When you ain a bid point, it volition look adjacent to the leader and ISO-8 points. You tin gain bid points specified as.

  • – In the main quest reward of the Story bid according to the storyline.
  • – Alternate rewards successful Story and versus events.
  • – In regular rewards.

The storyline bid of events includes single-player battles and Marvel Puzzle Quest’s plot-based battles. These matches each impact the Marvel superhero squad. In contrast, the warring tournaments are portion of a bid of events created by the publisher. It includes battles with existent players and online forms.

Health Pack

Health Pack allows players to heal oregon reconstruct their character’s spot aft each battle. Each subordinate volition commencement with 5 Health Packs. During gameplay, further powerfulness packs volition regenerate to ever scope a maximum of five. You tin besides gain Health Packs arsenic quest rewards oregon acquisition with existent money.


The confederation diagnostic allows Marvel Puzzle Quest players to harvester with friends oregon existent gamers to signifier a team. Allied groups volition conflict each different for peculiar rewards. You tin besides chat with confederation members during a conflict to speech tactics. Note, each confederation needs astatine slightest 1 commander.

Support Battles

They grant combat Boost arsenic a reward erstwhile you decorativeness the conflict and are utilized for the adjacent match. Players tin take up to 3 add-ons per match. Summons volition summation quality points oregon harm erstwhile attacking enemies.


The play usually lasts 4 weeks and includes competitory warring tournaments. Players tin triumph idiosyncratic rewards oregon articulation an confederation to gain points, vie for rankings connected the Versus Tournament leaderboards.

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How to gain rewards successful the game?

Winning battles successful a warring tourney oregon lawsuit volition gain your basal in-game rewards. The 2nd mode is to vie with scores and rankings successful competitions and events (including alliances), person regular rewards (for alliances), oregon person via Facebook friends.

Form of Team Fighting

The Team-Up diagnostic allows players to usage heroes successful battles that are not connected your team. This gameplay creates flexibility successful strategy by allowing players to take Marvel characters to enactment combat.

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Deadpool Point

It’s a peculiar section of the communicative mode that looks antithetic each day. In these missions, it is imaginable to get rewards specified arsenic ISO-8 and covers to upgrade your characters to 2 stars oregon higher. Also, by facing the assorted enemies contiguous wrong these challenges, it is imaginable to get done the “Tacos” tokens, 1000 leader points, oregon the uncommon screen of Deadpool, a quality that presents the regular challenge.

Deadpool Point is the constituent you get erstwhile a time for winning a lucifer with Deadpool and utilizing the existing squad. However, you lone get points erstwhile this quality belongs to the squad you manage. Unofficial oregon supported Team-Up characters are not counted. Deadpool Point is often redeemed and utilized with the super-powerful Whales version.

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Civil Wars Special Content

Marvel Puzzle Quest’s Civil War is simply a movie adaptation of a movie that is raging successful cinemas each implicit the satellite with the heat. The Civil War is raging astatine the container bureau and creating a beardown fever successful the movie instrumentality assemblage astir the globe. Along with that effect, mobile crippled fans volition besides witnesser the motorboat of the Captain America statement update celebrated for the contented and contradictions from the existent Civil War story.

We expect the Civil War to beryllium released soon. After it has shown the movie for a while, it opens up a tense conflict abstraction wherever players tin take betwixt Iron Man Tam and Captain America Team and proceed to instrumentality portion successful the conflict of immortal heroes.

With Civil War, players volition request to bash their champion to take the close state earlier embarking connected the pugnacious combat missions ahead. Through a agelong battle, showing disconnected your maestro warring skills, you volition amusement your precious qualities to beryllium suitable to go the person of either Captain America oregon Iron Man.

The opponents you look beryllium connected which broadside you choose. Along with large allies, gamers volition prime and bid a bid of classical 5-star characters specified arsenic Steve Rogers (the First Avenger) oregon Iron Man (Mark XLVI).

To item the merchandise of the crippled successful the contiguous time, they released Winter Soldier arsenic an add-on to marque Civil War much implicit and besides the archetypal cushion for the crippled village. Not lone that, but the shaper is besides fond of designing further item for the game, War Machine, which is expected to merchandise astatine the extremity of May to further reenforce the Civil War’s position.

Final Words

If you besides similar Candy Crush oregon Bejeweled games, past you’ll emotion Marvel Puzzle Quest MOD APK too. Every clip you determination the icons truthful that it lines them up successful a consecutive enactment oregon diagonal, your quality volition attack, and peculiar rows volition besides make peculiar attacks.

Possessing prime 3D graphics, comic inheritance euphony with realistic sound, particularly a caller operation of match-three puzzle games with enactment role-playing genre, Marvel Puzzle Quest MOD APK volition pb radical to participate a unsocial superhero satellite with fiery battles. The minus constituent of the crippled lies successful the costly IAP packages and the contented download for a agelong time, and it is besides hard to knock this absorbing superhero game.