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Marvel fans beryllium prepared, present comes the astir awaited superheroes MOBA crippled connected the mobile platform. MARVEL Super War delivers everything you would privation from a MOBA crippled and more. Now, players tin bask playing arsenic their favourite superheroes from the Marvel Universe portion enjoying the thrilling and breathtaking gameplay from a MOBA matchup. Find retired everything you request to cognize astir this astonishing crippled with our reviews.


The crippled takes spot successful the Marvel Universe, successful which players tin power their favourite superheroes and dive into the epic gameplay. Join your teammates successful an epic conflict against different superheroes arsenic you effort to instrumentality down their bases. A batch of amusive and breathtaking battles await.

MARVEL Super War


Here you’ll find immoderate of the astir breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

All your Marvel superheroes successful antithetic classes

In MARVEL Super War, players volition person their chances to play the crippled arsenic your favourite superheroes. Choose your heroes and instrumentality down your opponents to triumph your mode successful MARVEL Super War. On apical of that, each superheroes successful MARVEL Super War volition person their ain powers and abilities, which enactment them successful antithetic classes.

  • Fighter – With almighty discourtesy and defense, heroes successful this people are everyone’s favorite. If you person the accomplishment and confidence, you tin easy complaint into the enemies’ enactment and instrumentality down their cardinal member. Still, beryllium cautious not to overchase immoderate idiosyncratic since your debased onslaught scope tin origin you dearly if you’re caught by the enemies.
  • Assassin – These heroes are cleanable for sidesplitting jobs. With cleanable sets of skills for rapidly getting successful and retired of combat, your enemies won’t apt to beryllium capable to drawback you. Plus, having deadly onslaught moves volition let you to instrumentality down enemies and rapidly get retired of the situation.
  • Archer – For those who emotion staying astatine a harmless region and woody changeless damages to the enemies, your archer superhero similar Hawk-Eye is astir apt the champion choice. Enjoy staying acold from combats and instrumentality down the enemies 1 by one.
  • Mage – But if you privation to alteration the full people of the conflict utilizing a azygous attack, the mages are astir apt the champion heroes for you. Make uses of their magical attacks to woody devastating damages to the enemies and enactment astatine the bully scope to support you safe.
  • Tanker – And past but not least, we each request a leader who tin instrumentality a fewer punches for his teammate. With monolithic wellness and antiaircraft stats, these heroes are cleanable for tanking the damages for their teammates.

MARVEL Super War

Enjoy antithetic crippled modes

Here successful MARVEL Super War, players are introduced to galore breathtaking crippled modes which you tin bask some online and offline.

  • 5v5 Match Game – Choose your teammates and spell against different superheroes successful the Marvel Universe. Experiencing changeless combats arsenic you dive into the epic MARVEL Super War.
  • Ranked battles – And if you deliberation you person what it takes, you tin vie with online players from each implicit the satellite successful the aggravated ranked battles. Take down the different teams arsenic you ascent connected higher places connected the ranking system.
  • Arcade Mode – Play the crippled wholly offline and pb your teammates done assorted missions and challenges successful MARVEL Super War.
  • Training – And if you privation to signifier your favourite superheroes much to hone their skills, the Training mode is cleanable for you. Switch betwixt antithetic styles of practices and take the ones that suit you the most.

Choose the close approaches and strategies to triumph the game

In the satellite of MARVEL Super War, players volition person their chances to acquisition assorted gameplay and tactics. Depending connected your team, you tin take the champion superheroes to lucifer with others. Choose the close heroes to antagonistic that of your enemies.

In addition, arsenic you statesman the match, determination volition beryllium assorted Tactics for you to choose. Each maneuver volition person decisive effects connected your heroes during the combats truthful marque definite you take the close ones.

MARVEL Super War

Huge postulation of antithetic items

And to marque the crippled adjacent much diverse, MARVEL Super War besides allows gamers to take the items that they privation to acquisition for themselves. Select the close items to lucifer your heroes and to antagonistic the enemies. Sometimes, you tin astonishment everyone by going for a wholly unsocial physique and triumph the lucifer utilizing it. Give your Marvel superheroes caller powers arsenic you instrumentality them into battles.

Simple and intuitive controls

With elemental and intuitive controls, MARVEL Super War delivers gamer a unsocial acquisition similar nary other. Casting your superpowers and striking down the enemies with your heroic attacks   never been truthful easy.

In addition, by having each the disposable options listed and organized connected the screen, gamers tin easy take wherever they privation to spell portion they’re successful the lobby

Convenient connection system

Enjoy convenient connection some successful and retired of the lucifer with MARVEL Super War. That being said, portion you’re combating with friends, having entree to the dependable chat volition marque it highly convenient for squad members to nexus up with each different and nutrient a victory. In addition, you tin besides take to usage the substance chat if you don’t privation to oregon can’t speech astatine the moment.

And portion you’re successful the lobby, you tin rapidly chat with your friends and invitation them to a caller lucifer utilizing the connection features that are provided. On apical of that, you tin adjacent amusement your connection to the full server utilizing the Chat All feature.

MARVEL Super War

Play the crippled successful your language

With a batch of players from antithetic places successful the world, it’s hard for gamers if you don’t the language, which is usually English. But it’s not the lawsuit with MARVEL Super War arsenic the crippled allows players from antithetic countries to play the crippled successful their ain languages.

Connect to millions of players crossed the globe

In addition, you tin besides prosecute with radical who usage your connection by selecting the server and portion that you privation to play in. Choose betwixt 5 main regions of Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, play the crippled with whom you tin pass effortlessly. Or if you prefer, you could articulation different communities by switching to a antithetic region. As agelong arsenic you don’t caput the connection differences, you tin marque friends from each implicit the satellite successful MARVEL Super War.

Free to play

The crippled is presently escaped to play and volition proceed to enactment escaped for gamers to enjoy. You tin download and instal it close present to commencement enjoying the epic MOBA gameplay and dive into your favourite Marvel superheroes’ adventures.

Visual and dependable quality


The crippled features beauteous 3D graphics with elaborate and well-executed images. The characters are properly-designed, to the constituent that you tin spot their diagnostic traits clearly. However, that doesn’t mean that you tin lone bask this astonishing crippled connected the astir high-end devices. With the adjustable graphics setting, MARVEL Super War allows gamers to code down oregon elevate the representation and ocular prime depending connected their hardware.


With voiced characters, gamers volition consciousness similar they’re really warring alongside their favourite heroes and their comrades. Experience mind-blowing dependable effects with bully item and accuracy. On apical of that, the voiced messages volition pass you of each the events that hap crossed the maps, allowing you to enactment much focus.

How To Install MARVEL Super War APK with OBB information file

  1. APK instal it connected your device.
  2. Extract the OBB record to /SDCARD/Android/obb/ Ensure that the OBB record ( sits wrong the folder.
  3. Start the crippled again. Enjoy!

Download MARVEL Super War latest 3.5.1 Android APK

For the Marvel fans retired determination who besides privation to acquisition immoderate MOBA gaming, MARVEL Super War is decidedly a must-have title. Join the lucifer with your teammates and play the crippled arsenic your favourite heroes. Take down the enemies and bring glory to your team.