Microsoft Launcher MOD APK 6.211102.0.1017440 (Premium)

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Microsoft Launcher poster

If you usage an Android telephone and you similar the customization of the interface, past you should download the “Microsoft Launcher” app.

Microsoft Launcher is simply a large app successful presumption of interface changes. The exertion has an intuitive, simple, and user-friendly design. The exertion offers a precocious grade of customization, and you tin put the interface to your liking.

Download “Microsoft Launcher” to springiness your telephone a caller look!

Great app from the celebrated Microsoft

Microsoft Launcher is simply a Launcher application, truthful you tin alteration the look of your phone. The exertion is an upgraded mentation of Arrow Launcher, and belongs to the celebrated Microsoft brand. The exertion has galore outstanding features, and the exertion lone supports the Android operating system.

Microsoft Launcher attracts users done its elegant interface and galore large upgrades. Even though the app doesn’t person immoderate groundbreaking features, it inactive meets the needs of the users.

If you’re utilizing the Microsoft Launcher app for the archetypal time, you’ll request to motion successful with your Microsoft account. You should log successful with the main relationship to person synchronization during use. If you successfully acceptable up the application, you volition enactment successful the caller interface and tin customize the interface to your liking.

Interface packs and synchronization capabilities

Microsoft Launcher offers galore affirmative experiences, and this volition summation idiosyncratic efficiency. In addition, the exertion volition suggest related bundle specified arsenic Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Skype,… You tin download the indispensable applications to summation enactment efficiency.

Microsoft Launcher introduces galore customized icons. The exertion offers galore “skin packs”. Each taxable battalion has customized icon packs and adaptive icons. In particular, the exertion volition synchronize good with the computer. For example, if you make a enactment connected the app, you get the aforesaid Sticky Note connected your computer. In short, the contented connected your machine volition sync with the phone.

Provide beauteous and high-quality wallpaper stock

Microsoft Launcher brings caller images from Bing. Thanks to the high-quality inheritance images from Bing, your phone’s inheritance representation volition alteration each day. In addition, you tin besides alteration the inheritance representation with casual operations. You tin take to alteration the inheritance representation randomly, oregon you tin take a azygous fixed image.

Bing’s photograph store is ever updated continuously. Therefore, your telephone volition go charismatic with the caller wallpapers. You tin alteration the inheritance representation each time to make thing new, oregon you tin alteration the inheritance representation to lucifer your mood.

Provides a convenient interface

Microsoft Launcher provides a useful interface. The interface volition sync with the Calendar connected the telephone oregon the Outlook Calendar connected the computer. Therefore, you ever person lawsuit reminders oregon calendar notifications from the fastener screen. The app besides calculates the user’s surface time. From here, the exertion volition recognize the user’s telephone usage habits, and the exertion volition marque utile suggestions for the user.

In addition, you tin travel the latest quality oregon important activities connected your phone/computer from the interface. The app delivers personalized news. Thus, users tin work applicable quality connected the device, and prevention clip searching for needed information.

Easy cognition and intuitive interface

Microsoft Launcher has elemental operations. You swipe your digit from the bottommost borderline of the surface to grow the country of ​​​​applications/shortcuts specified as: crook disconnected wifi, set brightness, … In addition, the exertion besides has the indispensable shortcuts.

The app has the aforesaid interface arsenic Windows 10 Mobile, but the app has a modern and user-friendly Android interface. The exertion is divided into 3 screens. The default surface (in the mediate of the telephone screen) volition contiguous the full database of acquainted oregon caller applications. You swipe your digit from the bottommost of the surface to spot the database of apps. The surface connected the near volition incorporate the astir interaction list. Thus, you tin rapidly execute connected actions specified as: nonstop an email, make a message, oregon video telephone a friend. The surface connected the close volition present events specified arsenic alarms, birthdays, oregon meetings.

Other facilities

Microsoft Launcher supports the acheronian theme. Therefore, you tin comfortably usage your telephone astatine nighttime oregon successful debased light. The application’s acheronian taxable volition supply a affirmative acquisition for “night” users.

In addition, the exertion helps to amended the show of the phone. As a result, your telephone volition load the accusation quickly, usage little memory, prevention battery, and supply creaseless animations. The app offers scenery mode, and you tin usage your telephone portion lying successful bed.

If you take the close interface, past you tin backmost up your data. So you tin inactive usage your favourite settings successful your caller phone. In addition, you tin besides stock the settings with your friends.

Some cons of the application

Microsoft Launcher volition make lag successful immoderate Android phones with debased configuration. Therefore, you request to usage newer phones. Icon plan is inconsistent (some icons are round, immoderate are square).

Also, the synchronization is inactive incomplete. Users inactive person galore troubles with operations specified arsenic sending messages, transferring files.

Also, you tin download “Hyperion Launcher” for a caller chill and elemental interface. The exertion offers a beauteous acquisition done a azygous button. You tin edit and customize the interface to your liking.


In short, Microsoft Launcher is simply a large customization exertion connected the Android operating system. The app not lone offers a beauteous interface, but it besides has utile functions specified arsenic acheronian mode, personalized news, show improvements, a high-quality photograph store from Bing, and the quality to synchronize with the computer.

Download “Microsoft Launcher” to marque your telephone much charismatic and usable aft a agelong clip of use!