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If you’re funny successful the amusement manufacture and would emotion to bask a much in-depth and absorbing acquisition with the jobs, you tin present go the proprietor of your ain bureau and effort to bring your champion idols to the world. Engage successful the breathtaking gameplay of simulation arsenic you negociate an full amusement bureau with plentifulness of antithetic jobs to instrumentality and objectives to complete.

Develop and negociate your bureau with the champion that you tin bash to present Android gamers to their eventual in-game experiences. Get your squad of trainees, allowing them to debut, instrumentality them done assorted experiences, and present your eventual idol groups oregon individuals to the world. Have amusive with the in-depth and realistic simulation gameplay of Monthly Idol, on with galore engaging elements.

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In the game, Android gamers volition find themselves managing their ain amusement bureau with a assortment of antithetic tasks that necessitate your attention. Feel escaped to prosecute successful the breathtaking mobile gameplay of mobile simulation arsenic you research the in-depth experiences with the agencies. Attempt to make your ain amusement empire by introducing caller and talented artists to the market. Help them to beforehand successful their vocation paths, and astatine the aforesaid time, marque tons of profits from their popularity.

The absorbing gameplay of Monthly Idol volition let you to make your ain idol characters with unsocial looks and breathtaking characteristics. Feel escaped to person amusive with the engaging gameplay of simulation and bask your epic mobile gameplay to the fullest. With galore in-depth and absorbing features, the crippled volition let mobile gamers to afloat prosecute themselves successful the experiences.


Here are each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Create and make your ain amusement agency

To commencement with, Android gamers successful Monthly Idol volition find themselves being capable to instrumentality power of their ain amusement agency. Get acceptable to impact yourself with a assortment of antithetic businesses successful and retired of the company. From taking the clip to negociate the staff, the trainees, and different factors to straight enactment to amended your agency, you’ll larn the breathtaking and competitory beingness successful the amusement industries arsenic you thrive to beryllium the apical agency. Create boys and girls groups that tin go fashionable and bring fame and wealth to your company. And astir importantly, found a sanction for your unthinkable company.

Sign contracts with trainees and crook them into celebrated idols

And speaking of which, Monthly Idol allows users to commencement the idol shaper businesses from the precise opening with your hiring of caller trainees. Here, you’re escaped to prime whichever trainees that you find suited for the definite groups that you’re bringing to the market. Consider their styles, characteristics, attitudes, and potentials arsenic you bask the breathtaking gameplay of Monthly Idol to the fullest. Sign your contracts and bring apical idols to your companies. Lead them done a palmy play and consciousness escaped to motion the caller contracts, should you find it appropriate.

Multiple trainee characters with assorted customizations

To further amended your in-game experiences, Android gamers successful Monthly Idol tin present take betwixt a assortment of antithetic trainee characters with assorted customizations. Start with much than 150 antithetic trainees, each having their ain unsocial traits that you mightiness find suited oregon not suited to the groups. Feel escaped to prime betwixt dozens of applied candidates and cautiously prime the champion ones for your team. Also, you tin marque immoderate changes to their styles if needed, arsenic you effort to make a azygous oregon unsocial idol radical with awesome members. Have amusive customizing the hairs, clothes, and different things to wholly alteration your idols.

Explore antithetic ways to merchantability your products

Also, to assistance the idol bureau owners successful the fierce market, you’ll find yourself having entree to a assortment of antithetic ways that you tin usage to merchantability your products. Start by going with the favourite euphony themes of the public, particularly with the targeted lawsuit groups. Choose the suited styles for your idols and marque definite that they’re moving toward the objectives.

Promote your euphony and idols connected aggregate channels, from selling records, online streaming services, to uploading YouTube videos truthful that your euphony tin beryllium accessed by millions. Enjoy the breathtaking gameplay of Monthly Idol arsenic you physique up your ain fanbases for the idols and unlock much absorbing features.

At the start, you and your idol indispensable judge astir promotion deals from the TV programs, performance organizers, and others. And successful bid to get much popular, you’ll request to enactment hard connected a choky schedule. But erstwhile the concern is starting to footwear disconnected and your idols go popular. As a result, you tin bask a overmuch much relaxed docket for the idols and marque overmuch much wealth from them.

Create the eventual satellite circuit with your idols

And it’s ever a imagination for each idols to beryllium capable to person their ain satellite tours with millions of fans from each implicit the satellite to articulation them. Hence, successful the breathtaking gameplay of Monthly Idol, you tin marque it imaginable by taking connected the eventual satellite tours. Have amusive making your awesome concerts and ticker the idols performing with thousands of fans cheering. This should people your occurrence by being a large boss.

Enjoy the crippled with oregon without the Internet

Also, to marque the crippled much interesting, Android gamers successful Monthly Idol tin present bask themselves with the absorbing offline gameplay with engaging experiences. Here, you’re escaped to bask the crippled whenever you’re outdoors without having to crook connected the mobile data. Thus, making it highly accessible successful astir cases.

On the different hand, with the Internet ready, the crippled besides introduces its effectual and convenient Cloud Saving option, which allows you to link the crippled to the Google Play Services relationship and prevention the crippled connected the online drive. As a result, you’ll ne'er suffer your in-game advancement adjacent if you accidentally delete the game.

Free to play

And contempt each the breathtaking features, the crippled is inactive escaped for each Android gamers to bask connected their mobile devices. As a result, you tin easy prime it up connected the Google Play Store without having to wage anything.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay connected our website

Moreover, if you’re getting bothered by the in-game purchases and ads, we besides connection the wholly unlocked gameplay of Monthly Idol connected our website, which comes with each the enjoyable features that you would want. Here, you tin bask unlimited wealth with the escaped buying option, and get escaped of the annoying ads. All you request is to download the Monthly Idol Mod APK connected our website, travel the provided instructions, and you’ll beryllium bully to go.

Visual and dependable quality


While the crippled doesn’t travel with awesome 3D ocular experiences, Android gamers tin inactive find themselves enjoying the breathtaking in-game graphics. Starting with its unsocial pixelated images with in-depth and engaging designs. And astatine the aforesaid time, the undemanding graphics volition surely alteration creaseless and satisfying experiences to the game. And if that’s not enough, your stylish and adorable idols with their astonishing animations volition surely marque the crippled a batch much amusive and interesting.

Sound & Music

Together with the breathtaking in-game visuals, Android gamers successful Monthly Idol tin present prosecute themselves successful the awesome audio experiences. And astir importantly, you’ll person the chances to bask the breathtaking idol songs with your favourite groups of stars.

Final thoughts

For those of you who’re funny successful making their ain legends successful the amusement industries, Monthly Idol volition surely impressment you with its breathtaking gameplay. Here, Android gamers tin go the brag of their ain amusement bureau and instrumentality power of aggregate idol groups and individuals. Have amusive engaging successful your eventual in-game experiences and bask awesome successes with the radical arsenic you progress. Earn wealth and grow your businesses with caller stars and idols truthful you tin predominate the industry.

Also, with the escaped and unlocked gameplay of Monthly Idol connected our website, you’ll find yourself enjoying the crippled adjacent more.