MU Origin 17.2.0 APK

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MU Origin

The world’s once-great MMORPG has yet travel to the Android level and is readied to bring this incredible game to their erstwhile glories. Prepare yourself for breathtaking actions, thrilling adventures, and dozens of discoverable features. Find retired each astir MU Origin with our reviews.


In this immense satellite of MU Origin wherever hundreds of antithetic taxon unrecorded successful co-habitat communities, successful which they stock the aforesaid imagination of having peaceful and prosperous lives with the others. However, they’re not unsocial successful this monolithic land.

Deep successful the roots of the darkness, evil forces are preparing for an all-out penetration of the world. In facts, determination person been tons of struggle betwixt humans and different taxon with the evil monsters.

As a salient hero, it’s your occupation to instrumentality up arms and combat the despicable monsters. Force the evils backmost to wherever they came from and instrumentality bid to the onshore erstwhile and for all. Let’s research the satellite of MU Origin successful this amazing MMORPG game from Webzen Inc with our review.

MU Origin


With the classical action-adventure gameplay, MU Origin allows gamers to embark breathtaking journeys wherever they tin conscionable caller friends, combat monsters, make parties, and spell against the evil forces that are terrorizing the lands. That being said, present are the awesome features that you’ll beryllium funny in:

Select your desired heroes and their classes

Here successful MU Origin, players are allowed to 3 antithetic classes of heroes that they could take from. We person the Dark Knights who are almighty heroes who excel successful adjacent combat. They’ll beryllium a large assistance by charging astatine the enemies’ lines causing havocs oregon tanking the damages from the bosses.

And astatine the meantime, we’ll person the Dark Wizards which are almighty mages who trained to maestro the creation of magic. They tin woody with large damages astatine a expansive standard to the enemies portion staying astatine a harmless range. In additions, we besides person the Elf, almighty magical creatures who person large agility and dexterity. Hence, they’ll marque large archers.

There are tons of antithetic customizations that you tin marque connected your characters, truthful marque definite you walk capable clip discovering their powers and abilities.

MU Origin

Explore thousands of almighty gears and equipment

With antithetic characters to explore, players are besides introduced to ample collections of antithetic weapons and equipment. Spend clip completing the missions and challenges arsenic good arsenic venturing the lands to cod almighty items.

That being said, successful MU Origins, players volition person entree to thousands of antithetic items featuring antithetic powers and abilities. Equip your characters with suitable ones to marque them much effectual during combats. In additions, you’ll besides person the enhanced wings, which don’t conscionable marque your leader much badass but besides alteration awesome powerfulness boosts for them.

Upgrade your heroes to marque them much capable

Each of your heroes volition diagnostic definite powers depending connected their classes. It’s your occupation to marque bully uses of these powers to marque your characters much effectual during battles. In additions, you tin upgrade the powers to boosts their effects. Focus connected the unsocial abilities of your heroes and make your characters depending connected your preferences.

MU Origin

Take your characters to their extremes

Here successful MU Origin, determination is nary specified happening arsenic limitations. Having said that, you tin make your characters to immoderate level you desire. Spend clip connected your characters and you tin go the champions successful MU Origin. With endless level-up, who knows what are the boundaries that you can’t overcome?

Enjoy the ample open-world maps

In additions to the limitless level system, players volition besides person their chances to research the monolithic unfastened satellite successful MU Origin. Here you’ll observe exclusive locations wherever you tin find epic items oregon spell against immoderate of the toughest monsters successful the game. Also, antithetic missions are being introduced regular truthful you’ll person much clip exploring the immense lands of MU Origin.

MU Origin

Join parties and spell against the epic bosses

Like astir different online RPG games, you’ll person the enactment to signifier up teams and parties with different players. Make uses of your combined spot to decision the enemies. Your squad indispensable dwell of susceptible heroes with antithetic powers that could beforehand each other. Go against the astir almighty bosses successful the crippled and gain unthinkable rewards for your victories.

Collect wealth to advancement further

In MU Origin, players are introduced to a mixed currency strategy which consists of Diamonds, Materials, Star Essences, and Zens. You tin cod them from doing missions, taking down monsters, and facing different players successful PvP battles.

The looted items and wealth tin beryllium exchanged done the Trading system, which serves arsenic a marketplace for each online players successful MU Origin. In additions, if you deliberation that your items are excessively precious to beryllium traded similar that, it’s imaginable to clasp auctions for each the players to articulation in.

MU Origin

Put your skills to the trial and spell head-to-head with online players

Besides the monsters and bosses, you tin besides spell against different players successful breathtaking PvP battles. Win implicit them and go the existent PvP King. In additions, you tin besides gain invaluable loots for your characters and settee each your disputes here.

Massive MU Origin 9.0.1 Update!

With the latest large update from Webzen Inc, the crippled has go highly breathtaking and enjoyable. Find retired astir the astir notable features here:

Enjoy a full caller gameplay

The Reverse strategy has brought large chances to the franchises, now, you tin use this diagnostic astatine definite times to wholly alteration the tide of a battle. It introduces a full caller postulation of maps, monsters, and bosses. Here successful this reversed world, hunters volition beryllium hunted, research a caller acceptable of antithetic maps and different unthinkable elements.

New communities

No much guilds, oregon corps, players successful MU Origins are intimately connected successful antithetic Clans. Here you’ll find the reliable comrades that you tin trust connected whenever you acquisition difficulties successful the harsh satellite of MU Origin. Together, you’ll physique up your clans from scratches and marque them great.

In additions, you tin articulation your clans successful breathtaking online battles with different clans. Win against them to atom much Clan Honor for your Clan and usage it for aggregate purposes. And astir notably, you tin speech definite amounts of Clan Honors for uncommon prizes.

And if you privation to enactment successful azygous PvP battles, that’s besides fine. You and your Clan members tin besides articulation the Clan Assault mode which allows definite players from antithetic Clans to spell one-on-one with each other. Gain the last triumph and bring large “honors” to your Clan.

Improved instrumentality system

To research the Mount Equipment System, the creators astatine Webzen Inc has introduced the Mount Emblems feature, successful which players tin heighten their Mount instrumentality utilizing the caller Mount Emblems. Collect arsenic overmuch Emblem arsenic imaginable to springiness your quality a afloat acceptable for amended power-ups.

Discover full caller maps

With the caller updates, players volition besides summation entree to the epic Secret Ruins which are forgotten lands that were erstwhile belonged to a large civilization. Here you’ll find unthinkable monsters arsenic good arsenic epic loots. Make definite you walk tons of clip present to cod rewarding items.

Other awesome features

And past but not least, now, you tin acquisition and cod caller costumes, pets, and equine for your adventure. Collect the astir almighty and unsocial ones to marque your characters highly effectual during battles.

Visual and dependable quality


Featuring unthinkable 3D graphics, MU Origin delivers immersive experiences similar nary different games. Here you’ll find yourself mislaid successful a satellite of almighty magical beings, epic sceneries, and immense open-world maps to explore.

In additions, with realistic ocular effects, you’ll bask smashing your almighty accomplishment moves to the enemies and ticker them vanish wrong seconds.


The epic soundtracks and close dependable effects marque you consciousness similar you are successful a existent world, warring monsters, and casting almighty skills.

Download MU Origin Mod latest 17.2.0 Android APK

Deep gameplay with tons of discoverable features arsenic good arsenic hidden elements, MU Origin remains a tempting enigma for america to explore. In additions, with breathtaking online crippled modes, players volition person their chances to articulation millions of different online players from each implicit the satellite successful this astonishing MMORPG game.

That being said, it would beryllium a discarded not having this installed connected your Android devices.