Muslim Pro MOD APK 12.3.4 (Premium Unlocked)

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Muslim is ranked among the world’s astir fashionable religions. And acknowledgment to its dedicated followers, the religions are besides decently practiced crossed the world, followed with a acceptable of precise strict rules for praying and honoring their god. As a result, astir Muslim radical would find themselves having a fixed calendar connected eating, working, sleeping, and praying.

However, it’s not ever to get the clip close oregon to find yourself remembering each the antithetic prayers. Hence, galore Muslim practitioners are receiving assistance from this utile mobile app from Muslim Pro Limited. Find yourself getting notifications connected the due play of clip which you tin commencement to pray, reminders connected things you request to bash to grant your God, and a batch more.

Find retired much astir the absorbing mobile app of Muslim Pro with our implicit reviews.

What does it do?

So basically, with Muslim Pro you’ll person yourself a implicit guidebook for each Muslim-related businesses. From learning astir the past of the religions, exploring the antithetic aspects of the religions, to getting your fixed schedules connected the nonstop hours erstwhile you should beryllium practicing the religions. Thus, allowing you to go a dedicated follower.

The awesome mobile app of Muslim Pro volition let you to prosecute successful each Muslim enactment with close timers for users crossed the world. Enjoy the engaging and interactive contented with voiced guidance and instructions. Have entree to the utile app successful immoderate of your preferred connection options, and more.


For those of you who’re interested, you tin commencement enjoying the awesome mobile app of Muslim Pro for perfectly free. All you ever request is simply a moving Android instrumentality that’s moving connected the latest firmware mentation to guarantee due compatibility. However, if you privation to bask the afloat unlocked mentation of the app, it’s required that you marque definite payments for the premium app.

Also, to alteration each the in-app features, you’ll request to supply definite permissions for your mobile app and commencement enjoying galore of its applications. Get the Location permissions truthful you tin person close commune timer and quality according to your clip zones. Provide the retention permissions truthful you tin commencement downloading offline prayers and guidelines.

And past but not least, a unchangeable Internet transportation volition beryllium the past happening that you request for the job. Once that’s covered, you tin commencement enjoying the awesome mobile exertion of Muslim Pro connected your mobile devices.

Awesome features

Here are each the breathtaking features that the app has to offer:

Always get your supplication times right

One of the astir important things that Muslim worshipers request to travel is to ever get their prayers clip right. And this is precisely what you’ll get with Muslim Pro, arsenic the app provides close supplication times for each users. With cautiously calculated and speculated supplication times to amended suit your definite locations, you’ll cognize the nonstop clip erstwhile you should commencement praying. On apical of that, the app adjacent features utile muezzin voices that volition instantly play calls for prayers erstwhile it’s time. And astir of the time, you won’t beryllium capable to defy their calls.

The implicit Holy Quran for each Muslims

And astir importantly, for each Muslims, you’ll ever person the Holy Quran disposable successful this app. Feel escaped to research the substance mentation of the book. Or bask the audio mentation with close recitation and phonetics. Plus, to marque the speechmaking experiences a batch much intuitive, you tin besides person absorbing translations for the Holy Quran, which volition explicate each the hard parts for you.

Improved your pronunciations with Colored Tajweed

Also, if you person had problems speechmaking your Quran successful the past, Muslim Pro volition assistance astir Android users to signifier their religion with close pronunciations of the hard words from the book. Just marque uses of the built-in Colored Tajweed options arsenic you larn to work the beatified publication similar a existent Muslim worshiper.

Useful Tasbih to number your dhikr

For those of you who privation to number their dhikr much efficiently and conveniently, Muslim Pro volition supply the utile Tasbih option, which volition let it to accurately number your dhikr, each clip you participate your signifier of focused praying.

Locate Muslim establishments astir you

And to enactment Muslims from each implicit the world, this absorbing mobile app volition supply you with a planetary representation connected Halal restaurants and mosques astir you. Thus, allowing astir Muslim practitioners to easy find their preferred Muslim establishments. Here, you tin articulation your chap Muslims and find yourself honoring Allah.

Always nonstop yourself toward Mecca

When doing their prayers, galore Muslims would emotion to nonstop themselves toward Mecca, the beatified sanctuary for the full religion. But this is rather hard to beryllium done arsenic you can’t ever beryllium capable to prime the close directions. Which is why, you’ll surely find this absorbing app from Muslim Pro Limited rather useful. With the animated Qibla compass and map, you’ll cognize precisely wherever you presently are, and which mode should you caput toward portion doing your prayers.

Never hide important Muslim dates with the built-in calendar

And astir importantly, to let radical to accurately execute their spiritual activities, Muslim Pro present provides Android users with a implicit Muslim Hijri calendar connected their mobile devices. Hence, you’ll find it a batch much convenient, present that you person had your virtual calendar and reminder telling what you should beryllium doing successful the pursuing days.

Here, each the important dates including Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha volition beryllium decently noted connected the calendar and notified to your mobile devices. Hence, you won’t ever hide astir them. Also, during the beatified Ramadan, each Muslim practitioners volition request to travel their ain fasting periods. And the absorbing app of Muslim Pro volition acceptable up your ain schedules.

Get the 99 antithetic names of Allah

For those of you who’re interested, you tin present larn much astir the 1 and lone Allah, on with galore facts astir him. And astir importantly, his 99 antithetic names volition besides beryllium reminded successful Muslim Pro, which volition let caller followers to rapidly larn them all.

Get your ain Islamic greeting cards

And if you privation to stock your Islamic greetings and wishes toward your chap followers, it’s besides imaginable for Android users to marque uses of the beauteous Islamic greeting cards, with galore of its absorbing designs. Feel escaped to prime up each of them and nonstop your wishes toward others.

Join the breathtaking online assemblage and commune together

Here successful Muslim Pro, Android users volition find themselves exploring the awesome online Muslim assemblage with much than 70 cardinal presently progressive users. Enjoy the app arsenic you commune unneurotic and for each others. Enjoy the absorbing mobile exertion of Muslim Pro, wherever you’ll conscionable up and interact with galore different Muslims each implicit the world.

Enjoy the app successful immoderate of your preferred connection options

And past but not least, if you’re having problems utilizing the Arabic mentation of the app, Muslim Pro present offers dozens of antithetic languages for users from each implicit the world. As a result, you tin bask the absorbing mobile app successful Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, German, English, Spanish, French, and galore others. With awesome localizations, the app offers implicit translations of the in-app features and its Quran collections.

Free to use

And contempt each the breathtaking features, Muslim Pro is presently escaped for followers from each implicit the satellite to bask connected their Android devices. As a result, you tin easy find it connected the Google Play Store. Feel escaped to download and instal the app without having to wage anything

Enjoy the afloat unlocked mentation of the app with our mod

Also, to marque the app much interesting, you tin besides spell for the modified mentation of Muslim Pro connected our website. With afloat unlocked contented and ad-free experiences, you tin present bask Muslim Pro to the fullest. All it takes is for you to download the Muslim Pro APK from our website. For perfectly free, of course.

Final verdicts

For spiritual practitioners, this absorbing exertion of Muslim Pro volition surely travel useful for astir Muslims. And adjacent if you aren’t one, the in-depth contented volition besides let you to larn a batch astir the religion. Plus, with the app being escaped and unlocked connected our website, you volition person each the reasons to commencement enjoying it.