MX Player Pro MOD APK 1.41.11 (Unlocked)

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For astir smartphone users, it’s ever much convenient to ticker videos and clips connected their telephone alternatively of utilizing the large screens. Although the experiences would astir apt much satisfying connected a larger display, you won’t person the level of portability similar utilizing smartphones.

That being said, you tin bask watching your favourite movies astatine anyplace anytime with your smartphones. On the different hand, you can’t ever transportation your TV oregon show everyplace you spell owed to their comparatively ample sizes.

And to bask movies connected smartphones, you’ll besides request a bully media subordinate to assistance to present the high-resolution images and realistic dependable effects. The Mx Player Pro, being 1 of the champion media players for Android devices, should beryllium your archetypal precedence erstwhile choosing an app for ticker clips connected your smartphones. Find retired each astir it with our review.

What does it do?

The app is fundamentally a video subordinate but it comes with galore much utile features that would heighten your experiences. You tin usage the app arsenic an outer video subordinate for movies apps oregon watching online videos utilizing it. In additions, you tin adhd subtitles by loading the files connected your storage. All successful all, it’s a comparatively implicit media subordinate with tons of precocious options and customizations.


For the app to enactment properly, you’ll request to supply it with a fewer permissions:

To forestall unwanted gestures connected the show surface which mightiness impact your experiences, the app allows users to crook connected the input blocking feature. This would neglect immoderate carnal touches that you use connected the surface unless you pat connected the unlock button. However, you’ll request to provides the app with the “Draw implicit different apps” permission.

Having a Bluetooth headset oregon talker would greatly heighten your restitution erstwhile watching a movie, and MX Player Pro allows the users to bash precisely what they want. Still, you’ll person enabled the “Pair with Bluetooth devices” support earlier being capable to usage the features.

In additions, you tin support watching without being disrupted by allowing the “Disable surface look” and “Control vibration” permissions to guarantee your telephone enactment awake and undisrupted passim the process.

Kindly enactment that if you neglect to supply these permissions, you’ll person to restart the app and assistance it with the pursuing support to commencement utilizing its features.

MX Player Pro

Awesome features

Being 1 of the champion media players connected the Android platform, the app undoubtedly has galore awesome features. Here are the ones that we deliberation you’d love:

Accelerated hardware

The app comes with a hardware acceleration exertion which takes vantage of the almighty HW+, HW, SW decoders to velocity up the processing speed. As a result, the images and audio prime are greatly enhanced. However, you request to use the close decoder to the close media record to person the champion results.

Utilize the multi-core processor

With astir smartphones nowadays comes with quad-core, octave-core processors, and adjacent much almighty ones, it’s specified a shame if applications cannot instrumentality advantages of those hardware improvements.

Thankfully, the developers astatine J2 Interactive cognize what they’re doing and has done a large occupation adding these awesome features the utilize the powerfulness of the multi-core processor. As a result, videos are loaded faster and each bid is executed much fluent.

MX Player Pro

Simple gestures

To allows users to bask their moves successful a much relaxing fashion, MX Player Pro comes with convenient gestures for elemental commands. You tin hitch backmost and distant connected the surface to rewind oregon fast-forward the content. Up and down connected the near to power the brightness, connected the close to power the volume. Double pat to stop, treble pat again to commencement playing. And determination are besides dozens of different motion commands which you’ll fig retired erstwhile you’ve installed the app.

Keep your kids from tweaking your phone

Allowing your kids to ticker videos connected your telephone is the simplest mode to support them soundless and obedient. However, it’s their quality to beryllium funny truthful they’ll not apt to enactment enactment and ticker their videos. Instead, astir kids would effort to “abuse“ your smartphone by touching connected the screen, enabling dozens of unwanted command.

A elemental solution for this substance is to usage the “kid lock” oregon “touch surface lock” to forestall your kid from accidentally making telephone calls oregon doing unrelated things which watching the videos.

MX Player Pro

Subtitle enabled

For overseas movies, you’ll astatine slightest request to person the close subtitle to recognize the content. With MX Player Pro, users tin conveniently download the subtitle files from online sources and load it from your in-app setting. Hence, you tin bask relaxing hours watching your favourite movies with subtitles.

Free to use

Users tin bask some versions of the app which are escaped oregon paid connected the Google Play Store. Either of which, you’ll person relaxing moments. The escaped mentation doesn’t deficiency immoderate features compared to its pro counterpart, the lone happening that mightiness fuss you is the ads.

Enjoy the mod version

That being said, if you don’t similar ads and inactive privation to acquisition the pro version, you tin effort installing our mod version. By going to our website and downloading the MX Player Pro APK record to your devices, you tin bask an add-free acquisition without being bothered.

In additions, to trim the retention requirements of the player, we’ve besides removed each the connection but for English and Russian, which makes the app a batch smaller. Hence, you tin inactive bask this awesome exertion without sacrificing excessively galore retention spaces.

As an effort to marque the app faster and smaller, our developers person besides removed the unnecessary features arsenic good arsenic utilized the codes to marque the apps faster. In additions, those who’re bored with the aged colors tin take to customize the colour setups depending connected their preferences.


Can beryllium rather dilatory if utilizing the incorrect decoder

Although the app comes with 3 awesome decoders, you mightiness acquisition stutter images oregon inconsistent audio prime if utilizing the incorrect decoder. To forestall this, you should fto the app take the suitable decoder for you alternatively of intervening successful the process by selecting it manually.

Download MX Player Pro latest 1.41.11 Android APK

With galore awesome features arsenic good arsenic almighty decoders, MX Player Pro is undoubtedly the champion media subordinate for Android devices. Hence, you won’t apt to beryllium disappointed having this installed connected your devices.