Pocket Mine 3 MOD APK 27.6.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Pocket Mine 3 poster

Pocket Mine 3 is simply a amusive 2D arcade escapade crippled astir the taxable of miners. You embark connected a mining adventure. The crippled is simply a palmy sequel to the “Pocket Mine” bid – an addictive deed crippled with galore absorbing things. Your task is simply to click connected the blocks to excavation deep, and research each the unsocial locations successful an breathtaking world. You make stunning concatenation reactions, and bask astonishing large explosions. You cod rewards, person accomplishment cards, trade almighty instrumentality for your character, unlock treasure chests, cod and commercialized uncommon artifacts. The crippled is awesome due to the fact that determination are galore absorbing things to experience.

About Gameplay

Pocket Mine 3 has a simple, yet entertaining, action-packed gameplay. The crippled is made and developed by Roofdog Studios LLC. The crippled received a batch of affirmative feedback from the gaming community, and bully reviews from experts. The crippled retains the strengths from the erstwhile version, and creates much amusive successful a large adventure. You interruption blocks to excavation deeper than everything, and uncover each the secrets of the breathtaking world. You request to make concatenation reactions successful bid to find much absorbing things. You make characters, larn jobs, and equip almighty equipment. You cod maps of underground structures to find caller paths. You unfastened treasure chests, cod and merchantability uncommon artifacts to gain other bonuses. .

Pocket Mine 3 is afloat of breathtaking features successful an action-adventure game. You research dozens of beauteous locations, brushwood absorbing monsters, and make astonishing items. The crippled allows for quality customization with almighty equipment. You physique your favourite platform to scope caller depths of dig. In addition, the crippled besides allows you to commercialized items with friends to implicit a postulation of artifacts. In addition, the crippled is perpetually updating with caller content, and absorbing events. You decidedly person a batch of large things successful your breathtaking mining adventure. Of course, your ngo focuses connected digging heavy into the blocks to research the absorbing world. With unsocial gameplay, the crippled keeps radical entertained aft hours of stressful moving and studying.

Pocket Mine 3 emphasizes escapade adventure successful breathtaking ember mines. You trigger the explosive effect to unfastened up caller roads. The crippled has galore hard missions, and you request to ain highly almighty instrumentality to afloat acquisition the engaging gameplay. The crippled has dozens of astonishing locations, and you research galore places specified arsenic the heavy ocean, snowy mountains, heavy mines. Of course, if you privation to flooded the challenges, past you person to customize your character’s quality and strength. You collect, shop, oregon commercialized almighty equipment. You go much nonrecreational collecting mineral resources, and almighty equipment. You volition physique your heavy platform to make your ain warring style, and summation your large gameplay experience.

Pocket Mine 3 allows players to commencement disconnected with the tiny ax. You person to person immoderate research, and care, to make almighty objects. The close instrumentality helps players excavation deeper into everything. The full process is similar an endless loop of digging, uncovering treasure, upgrading equipment, and expanding into much peculiar areas. Just similar that, your quality improves and gets stronger implicit time.

Pocket Mine 3 tries to springiness you a unsocial acquisition arsenic a amusive small miner. Step by measurement you observe the relics, and treasures buried nether heavy layers, hard rocks successful the past. You brushwood unsafe monsters. Overall, the crippled has classical gameplay but adds galore caller elements. You interruption blocks to unfastened paths, cod cards and trade the close item. The crippled besides adds galore enemies to springiness you galore moments of brainsick action. The crippled is paced with a amusive azygous subordinate mode. You flooded galore challenges, and excavation heavy into the ends of the earth. You find a batch of amusive to research and collect.

Pocket Mine 3 is based connected the classical digging style, truthful you person to spot antithetic things each implicit the surface similar apical corner, oregon bottommost corner. The crippled features a assortment of challenges specified arsenic ample rocks, galore almighty monsters, absorbing hidden paths, large lockers, and invaluable ores. The archetypal levels are casual to play, but arsenic you progress, things get harder and harder. You tin bushed each level, of course, but you’ll request prime equipment, astute tactics, and a small luck. You should besides be 1 of the galore peculiar events for other money, and loot. Every effort gets you immoderate other wealth to upgrade the smith, and equip.


Pocket Mine 3 is simply a tap-to-dig escapade crippled that’s fun, and suitable for everyone. Therefore, the controls are not excessively difficult. You tin easy power the highly blessed and anxious miner done the interaction of fingers connected the telephone screen. Get acceptable for astonishing role-playing adventures from Roofdog. Lots of mines and blocks are waiting for you to excavation deep. You research breathtaking worlds, physique characters, and make your favourite platform of cards. The crippled offers breathtaking escapade experiences, and keeps everyone entertained comfortably.

Graphics and sound

Pocket Mine 3 has beauteous 2D graphics, and is highly optimized connected the phone. Relics and treasures are intelligibly shown done vivid images. The dependable gets excited with large music. Thanks to the precocious prime graphics and vivid sound, you volition bask adjacent much adventures successful the ground, and look unsafe monsters.

If you emotion mining games, delight effort “Idle Skilling“. The crippled has idle gameplay, and each of your choices has an important interaction connected however the crippled plays out. The task inactive revolves astir mining issues, wherever you person to usage workers appropriately to get the astir of the material.


Pocket Mine 3 is the cleanable sequel to the “Pocket Mine” bid with an adventure-mining theme. The crippled continues to bring a fantastic travel of forgotten mines, uncommon artifacts. You bask to interruption each the rocks, and articulation the large adventure. Simply pat the blocks to excavation deeper, and research each the places successful this breathtaking world. In short, the crippled is simply a large prime if you emotion fast-paced adventure. Of course, you person to deliberation cautiously earlier you enactment due to the fact that determination are ever surprises.