Presets Lightroom mobile Koloro 5.4.0 Apk Mod (VIP)

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Lightroom Presets Koloro is the photo editor with cleanable colour filters.

Koloro, your all-in-one pic editor editing apps.
1000+ lightroom Presets and Overlays to heighten your photos & videos.
One-click stock oregon import look with QR Code successful Instagram
※Easy Batch edit for photograph & video, transcript & paste your edit!
※20+ premiere editing tools, HSL, divided tone, Glow, curve and more.
※Recommended by insta Bloggers connected Instagram and Tiktok.

【Presets for adobe Lightroom editing apps for pictures】
-1000+ premium filters and presets creation lab, much presets are coming.
-Now you tin station your preset to Instagram oregon Pinterest. Multiple fantastic canvas tin beryllium chosen. You tin besides import recipes from different radical with Code. Share your look and creativity.
-DNG record to stock lightroom preset container successful adobe Lightroom Mobile with cleanable adjustment.
-Camera instrumentality with advanced lightroom presets app made by pro filmmakers and videomakers.
-LOMO retro and vintage trendy indie filter with and VHS dazz cam movie presets for Tiktok.
-Foodies successful cities, stylish teal & orangish cinematic rni movie presets, which is suitable for the disposable camera effect.
-Cyberpunk presets for sci-fi colour tone, Boho presets for woody lukewarm code wedding insta photos, Indie Kid presets with vibrant color. Violeta and Champagne Lightroom presets for luxury youtube & Instagram influencers.
-Created for sharing successful Instagram, Unsplash and 500px.

【Lr Presets for Video editing apps】
-All of presets tin beryllium utilized into video editing. The champion enactment for video exertion and video maker
-Easy to use! Crop video and different methods conscionable similar to edit your photograph arsenic usual.
Post your dazz cam footage oregon fantastic video with lightroom presets to Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Youtube etc. Koloro helps you go fantabulous video maker.

【Perfect Overlay】
-Using prequel overlays to marque beauteous photos with effects for LR utilizing to premix photos.
-Trendy shadow, model unsighted oregon sun unsighted effects, effort the hottest sunblind effects. Firework overlay for festival celebration, lovers and household gathering.
Kirakira overlay is suitable for vogue benignant photo, sparkle your life!
-3d photograph and glitch sparkle effects successful vintage 8mm film, rni-style 35mm film3d and instant film.
-Dust and fume oregon atom & movie Scratch for MV and vintage photograph oregon selfie.
Grab the quality successful your drawback creation changeable and make your instant communicative benignant for Instagram!

【Advanced Editing Tools】
-Easy transcript & Paste your photograph edit for aggregate photos and negociate your projects.
-Advanced photograph editing tools photograph effects to beryllium your champion filter editing app. Your aesthetic photograph editing App.
-Basic adjustment: brightness oregon shadows and alteration the vulnerability and highlights and contrast
HSL, structure, curve and grain are present available, much POR features coming!
-Retouch & Makeup your works with this editing apps easily!

【Custom Recipes】
-Create your ain recipes for filters and presets with conscionable a fewer clicks.
-Add your favourite presets, negociate your filters & presets room for photographers.
-Post your enactment successful societal networks Instagram and Twitter oregon Facebook and Snapchat!

Create your ain plan the colour communicative with this pics creation hub!
The champion photograph filters and pro effects app. Best filter app for Instagram. Koloro is simply a user-friendly photograph editing instrumentality for Android. Ultimate darkroom LR photograph exertion pro.

Use Koloro designed filters for pics & videos & vlog, presets for Instagram. Unfold amended photos by utilizing our cam filters and overlays. Share them connected societal media, similar Instagram. Twitter and Facebook is simply a bully choice. Send your photograph to Pinterest and stock it connected Snapchat. Upload your editing video connected Youtube oregon Tik Tok, etc.