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Risk is the abbreviated sanction of the crippled Risk: Global Domination. This is simply a fashionable strategy game with much than 5 cardinal downloads implicit the satellite connected Google Play. Until now, it has received galore bully comments astir its originative play and exhilarating contention offered to players. The crippled provides players with galore crippled modes, and each of them has a antithetic inheritance communicative and rewards to earn. Thanks to the diverseness of the crippled itself, it is highly appreciated by galore players.

Besides, Risk is designed with a 3D layout, truthful the crippled pictures are precise amusing. It seems to beryllium acceptable for each ages arsenic determination is not overmuch unit oregon gore successful the game. Therefore, you tin stock it with your friends oregon relatives freely. Back to the crushed wherefore this crippled is globally well-known, let’s person a look astatine the pursuing review!


The communicative of the crippled is not antithetic from different strategy games. You volition take your state archetypal earlier mounting up armies. Then, you crook successful paper sets for much armies and instrumentality turns waging war. In presumption of content, the crippled requires you to destruct opponents and acceptable a extremity of dominating the world. That is wherefore the classical representation you play successful the crippled is really the satellite representation that is divided into territories. However, immoderate large countries are divided into antithetic territories, and not each countries are shown connected the map.

As Risk offers aggregate smaller parts of the world, you tin conscionable wage attraction to a circumstantial country oregon take to play the unsocial maps. The layout of territories is akin to a castle. As mentioned above, this crippled is turn-based, which is akin to the committee game. Additionally, each crook has 3 phases, including the deployment phase, the onslaught phase, and the fortification phase. When you statesman your turn, you volition get reinforcements. Keep successful caput that the fig of territories you power volition find however galore troops you volition receive.

You person to deploy these aforementioned troops connected your territories. Besides, portion playing Risk, you tin cod cards. With 3 akin cards, you tin commercialized for much troops. After placing caller troops, you tin onslaught much frequently, and the combat is based connected rolling the dice. Put it differently, and the dice rotation volition find if your onslaught is successful. For instance, if you outnumber the opponent, you win. However, you inactive suffer immoderate troops. This is immoderate indispensable accusation astir the attacking phase.

Talking astir the reinforcement phase, it is beauteous simple. You conscionable person to prime a territory and the fig of troops to determination from a territory to another. The moving automatically ends your crook arsenic you person lone 1 transfer. Regarding the astir challenging portion of the game, it is erstwhile you indispensable support your borders, and this is the deployment phase. The weaker your borders are, the deeper your hostile tin propulsion into. So, it seems to beryllium casual to larn this crippled but hard to maestro it arsenic it requires immoderate strategy and tricks to win.

Risk Features


  • Category: Action and Adventure
  • Developer: SMG Studio
  • Version: 2.7.2
  • Update: 10th October 2020
  • Size: 69 MB
  • Requirement: Android 4.4 and above

A Wide Range of Game Modes

There are galore disposable crippled modes, including Global Domination online, Single Player, Play Friends online, and Pass & Play. This besides means that the crippled allows players to play with different ones crossed the globe. When you commencement a match, you are paired up with 4 antithetic players. The contention consists of 5 players competing with each other, and the effect tin determine whether your sanction is connected the planetary leaderboard oregon not.

Multiple Maps and Strategy

Each representation successful the crippled is designed with a peculiar taxable and a batch of characters, which lend to the diversification of Risk. With this divers representation and ample areas, you person to contemplate a strategy to signifier your troops truthful that you tin get arsenic overmuch onshore arsenic you can.

On the different hand, you should not hide protecting your dominated areas. To bash that, you person to absorption connected grooming your soldiers regularly arsenic the astir important constituent successful a conflict is the army. So, you request your service to get acceptable for it.


  • Authentic rules
  • Adding friends and sending challenges easily
  • Fun animated avatars
  • Sending emojis to glee erstwhile conquering the opponents


  • Unavailable chatting

Visuals and Sound


The important merit of this crippled is the colors, which is casual for players to spot the antithetic controlled territories. The 2D animations tin lighten up your mood, and the characters are besides colorful regarding personality. As everything is determined by the dice, determination are nary convulsive battles astatine all. Generally, with a colorful and vivid cartoon style, Risk tin pull galore players.


In presumption of sound, the euphony creates an upbeat and airy mood. There volition not beryllium tons of speaking dependable that is sometimes annoying and distracting. The euphony conscionable plays to reenforce what is happening. So, it would person been superior to some bask the crippled and sound.

Risk FAQs

How Can I Change The Territory Card Bonus Rules?

You archetypal prime a map. Then, click the greenish arrow connected your mobile telephone screen. You volition spot Card Bonus; conscionable take betwixt fixed and progressive rules. To cognize much astir these rules, you tin click the assistance icon successful the Game options.

How Can I Add A Friend To Risk?

You volition spot the greenish smiley icon that is utilized to adhd friends. By clicking that, you volition person a nexus to your illustration via societal media applications oregon messaging. Another enactment to grow your person ellipse is to transcript your ID successful the game. You click connected it and nonstop it to a friend. They past volition manually input your ID connected the adhd person screen.

Can I Speed Up The Dice Rolling When Taking Part In Risk Battles?

Yes, you can. In the conflict mode, take Blitz. Then, you conscionable hold until each of the opponent’s defending troops oregon your attacking troops are wiped out. In different words, this diagnostic works arsenic a continual attack.

Can I Shorten The Duration Of Turns?

You tin simply click the arrow fastener aft choosing a peculiar map. Then, you volition spot the Turn Timer, and you tin alteration the clip from 1 to 5 minutes per turn. Remember that if you play the crippled successful the Single Play mode, you volition not person the crook timer.

How Do I Change My Name In Risk?

Unfortunately, the crippled does not enactment customized usernames. You volition log into the crippled done Google Play, Facebook, Steam, Apple, oregon Game Center. So, they are the lone mode for you to customize your sanction astatine Risk.

The Verdict

In a nutshell, Risk is genuinely a decent game. You tin beryllium entertained successful Single Play mode, but it volition beryllium much breathtaking erstwhile coming with multiplayer features. So, get acceptable to draught troops, commencement strikes, and support your lands!