School Planner MOD APK 4.3.4 (Pro Unlocked)

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Students of each ages volition surely find this utile mobile exertion of School Planner a large instrumentality to signifier your studies and amended their results. Whether you’re a precocious schoolhouse and assemblage pupil oregon conscionable a inferior astatine mediate school, School Planner tin ever assistance keeping things nether control, acknowledgment to galore of its absorbing features.

Have the app moving arsenic your eventual acquisition calendar, which features utile notes, reminders, and attachments regarding your homework, assignments, exams, and more. Feel escaped to adhd these definite elements to each of your subjects and classes to support them successful check. And ever person School Planner disposable to enactment down caller worldly and get reminded with important information.

Learn much astir the app and each of its features with our broad reviews.

What does it do?

So basically, with School Planner, you volition person yourself an eventual notebook, a advancement tracker, and a diary for your studies astatine schools oregon universities. Use the app to adhd important notes for your homework, assignments, exams, and truthful on. Enable utile reminders to marque definite that you won’t hide astir the important tasks ahead. And ever person afloat power implicit your antithetic studies by utilizing the utile calendar successful School Planner.

Discover antithetic timetables and regular schedules for your definite subjects, which are each integrated into the built-in calendar for you to easy support way of. Feel escaped to cheque connected the calendar to revisit your schedules, upcoming tasks, reminders, and more. This should marque definite that you won’t ever hide astir your important notes.

At the aforesaid time, the app besides features galore utile features, including the automatic calculation of mean which makes it ace casual for you to analyse your studies, the utile grounds and sync options that helps support each your important data, the database goes on.


For those of you who are interested, you tin present prime up the escaped mentation of School Planner connected the Google Play Store, which is disposable for everyone to enjoy. Feel escaped to enactment with galore basal features from the app, arsenic it helps to negociate your studies a batch much efficient. But if you privation to marque the astir of the mobile application, determination volition beryllium definite in-app purchases that you request to unlock.

In addition, you volition request to supply the app with definite entree permissions, since School Planner volition request them to alteration its afloat features. And don’t hide to person your mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.1 and up, arsenic it would guarantee the app’s compatibility and stability.

Awesome features

Here are each the breathtaking features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive UI and accessible features

To commencement with, Android users successful School Planner tin rapidly familiarize with the intuitive app UI and galore accessible features. Feel escaped to marque usage of the elemental and accelerated options to comfortably bask the mobile app and its functions, arsenic you person afloat absorption implicit your antithetic studies and immoderate related matters. The modern and affable interface volition marque definite that you tin each bask the awesome mobile app and its features.

Different tools to grounds your studies

And to marque definite that you tin support your important studies successful check, School Planner provides users with a assortment of antithetic tools to grounds their data. Start by putting retired the utile agendas for your homework, exams, and reminders to efficaciously negociate your antithetic studies. Also, you tin enactment down and grounds your lectures to reappraisal them aboriginal on. And the utile notifications with customizable clip settings volition marque definite that you won’t ever hide your assignments, tests, and reminders truthful easily. Simply constitute down your homework assignments, exams, and reminders successful the School Planner, past alteration the notifications for each of them truthful you won’t hide anything. You tin besides prevention your teachers’ contacts and related accusation for aboriginal businesses.

Effectively signifier and support way of your studies

And with each the recorded information and reminders, you volition request thing to support them well-organized and successful check. Hence, the utile timetable and calendar from School Planner volition surely marque the occupation a batch easier. Here, you tin instrumentality a afloat look astatine each the recorded notes and marque definite to not hide anything, acknowledgment to the integrated notes and reminders connected each portion of the calendar. Also, it’s imaginable to customize your subjects and notes connected antithetic colors truthful you tin easy differentiate betwixt each of them.

Easy people absorption with automatic calculation of average

For those of you who are interested, you tin present person the utile people absorption successful School Planner to automatically cipher your mean results. This should marque it ace casual for you to commencement managing your studies. By simply adding the results, time by day, you tin past support way of your advancement and instrumentality a look astatine your increasing patterns. Also observe the mean grades and marks connected your antithetic subjects whenever you want.

Never suffer your important data

To marque definite that you won’t ever suffer your important information successful School Planner, the app besides offers the speedy backup enactment for each users, which volition let them to easy nonstop files via Google Drive. Use this enactment to prevention and backup each your important notes and reminders online. Thus, you won’t ever suffer them successful lawsuit you mislaid your data.

Protect your eyes with Dark Mode

To support your eyes portion keeping way of your studies, particularly erstwhile viewing the app successful lowlight conditions, School Planner allows Android users to enactment with the utile Dark Mode, which is disposable whenever needed. Simply alteration the enactment to alteration the colour and dim the lights. This would forestall intensive lighting from damaging your eyes.

Useful widget to enactment connected location screen

In addition, for those of you who are interested, you tin present bask moving with the utile widget successful School Planner, which volition let Android users to enactment with the app’s features from the location screen. Thus, making the awesome mobile exertion a batch much accessible and convenient.

Beautiful themes to alteration successful the app

To marque definite that you tin bask the app and its contented adjacent more, School Planner users tin present alteration beauteous and colorful themes with antithetic ocular settings and colour options. As a result, your in-app experiences would beryllium a batch much amusive and exciting.

Enjoy the escaped and unlocked app with our mod

And past but not least, unless you’re consenting to wage the premium terms for the afloat mentation of the app, it’s ever amended for Android users to spell for the modded mentation of School Planner connected our website. Here, you tin bask the fully-featured exertion of School Planner with removed ads and in-app purchases. Thus, allowing you to bask its features to the fullest without having to wage anything. All it takes is for you to download the School Planner Mod APK, travel the fixed instructions, and commencement moving to amended your studies.

Final verdicts

Together with the utile absorption app of FLIP – Focus Timer for Study, Android users tin present person different large instrumentality to amended their studies. Get acceptable to bask the awesome mobile exertion of School Planner connected your devices, arsenic it helps to afloat negociate your antithetic studies and let you to support way of each important notes. Use the app to constitute down your studies, notes, agendas, grounds teachers’ and friends’ contacts, alteration reminders truthful you won’t hide astir important events, and truthful on. And astir importantly, the escaped and unlocked mentation of the app connected our website volition surely springiness you much reasons to bask it.