Sea Battle 2 MOD APK 2.7.1 (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Everyone has their puerility game, thing which makes them memorize truthful good that they person to find and play again. Before exertion was created and played an important relation successful everyone’s life, games are somewhat related to hand-drawing. Back then, 1 of the astir fashionable games of each time, among small kids and students astatine school, is Sea Battle. There are 2 players and provided with ships, the regularisation is simple: whoever destroys the different ships, wins.

Now, determination is nary request for papers and pens to gully the fields and ships, players tin straight download “Sea Battle 2” connected their mobile telephone and bask it effortlessly. “Sea Battle 2” reappears successful everyone’s favourite committee crippled from their puerility with caller further features and an expanded arsenal. Until now, the crippled has had millions of downloads from radical each implicit the world. “Sea Battle 2” is the sequel for its root “Sea Battle”, and it has been warmly welcomed ever since the merchandise date.


Like its name, “Sea Battle 2” offers a assortment of features with battles connected the water and battleships, airplanes, submarines, etc. Players firstly participate their sanction and take a nationality you prefer, specified arsenic American, German, French, and galore more. There volition beryllium a tutorial but for those who are acquainted with the game, it is not necessary. “Sea Battle 2” is truthful casual that adjacent a tiny kid tin play!

There are enemies crossed the satellite that you volition request to decision successful bid to fertile up and get connected apical of the chart. This crippled offers a diverseness of weapons that you tin descend the enemy’s naval fleet with and triumph the battle. Build your strategies, tactics, acquisition immoderate of the astir almighty weapons and rapidly decision the enemy’s army.


Uncomplicated gameplay

“Sea Battle 2” is simply a crippled that allows you to transportation retired battles against the enemies successful specified an enjoyable mode that tin bring you a fun, relaxing infinitesimal by yourself oregon with your friends. Early the 90s 2000, erstwhile exertion hardly developed, students hung retired with each different by committee games. If you miss the feeling of an innocent, carefree time, “Sea Battle 2” tin surely springiness you that.

In this game, each you request to bash is to person a agleam strategy, spot your weapons connected the representation wisely and commencement the battle. If you privation to surely triumph the game, much almighty weapons are ever acceptable to beryllium purchased.

Before entering a game, much precocious tools tin beryllium bought from the store. Use your wealth wisely and prime the champion weapons. After that, players tin reorganize the ships, bombs, submarines, etc., oregon fto the strategy bash it for you. I americium not definite if the strategy has immoderate strategy portion placing the weapons randomly, but it is recommended that you bash it by yourself. Besides a agleam strategy, players besides request a spot of luck. Once you person finished organizing, property the conflict fastener and acceptable to combat your enemy.

All the squares are covered truthful if you deed a vessel oregon a weapon, you volition get different turn. On apical of the screen, determination is the arsenal fastener for you to take the limb to spell next. To win, each of the enemy’s weapons indispensable beryllium destroyed. You volition suffer erstwhile each of yours are down. The regularisation is arsenic elemental arsenic that.

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Game modes

There are assorted crippled modes for you to take among, you tin play against your Android device, against different radical from each implicit the world, oregon play with your person connected a azygous telephone with an invitation. After choosing the crippled modes, you volition prime betwixt Classic mode and Advanced mode. In Classic mode, players tin lone bring a weapon portion Advanced Mode offers you more, specified arsenic anti-aircraft, submarines, etc. The remainder is simple, put and bring the weapons you similar along, commencement the game, prime a quadrant to onshore a shot, and triumph the battle.

In Advanced mode, players tin usage planes to weaponry a definite country connected the grid, prime the submarines to sprout torpedoes. After each battle, you volition person acquisition to emergence successful the fertile chart.

During the battle, you tin interact with different players utilizing texts and emojis to marque the crippled much amusive and relaxing.

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AI training

If immoderate of the opponents you person met bash not fulfill your precocious quality, you tin take to bid with the AI (artificial intelligence). Choose the due level of trouble that you tendency and vie with it. The AI is the astir intelligent exertion with billions of numbers and moves that they person stored successful the system. If you tin bushed the AI astatine the hardest level, I would accidental you are incredibly clever.

Build your ain city

If going into battles sometimes bores you, “Sea Battle 2” has supported players with a metropolis that they tin create, decorate, and summation bonuses. Build your metropolis and cod aggregate rewards. The much arenas you win, the much buildings you tin unlock, specified arsenic subject bases, factories, skyscrapers, and truthful overmuch more. Win galore battles and go the leader successful your ain city.

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Tournaments are opened frequently. Players tin enactment successful peculiar tournaments to triumph trophies and summation acquisition to level up their rank. There are respective levels that you tin take from. For example, Fiery Land requires you to decision 3 opponents successful a enactment successful bid to person the prize. You tin take betwixt classical oregon precocious mode. To participate the game, you request a 100 coins. If you win, you volition beryllium rewarded 400 coins. Taking portion successful tournaments tin beryllium 1 of the easiest ways to cod much coins.

Winning oregon losing volition some summation you points to fertile up, however, it is easier to summation your fertile based connected your fig of wins.

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Unlimited diamonds

You tin get escaped of your deficiency of wealth interest arsenic Sea Battle 2 Mod APK has enabled the unlimited diamonds system, allowing you to acquisition weapons, buildings, designs, etc. without immoderate limits!


“Sea Battle 2” is specified a high-quality crippled with beauteous 2D graphics successful hand-drawing style. Players lone spot the colors bluish and white, yet it does not contradict the information that “Sea Battle 2” is good designed.

Personally, I deliberation the developer has enactment a batch of effort into the dependable effects due to the fact that they dependable truthful realistic that I consciousness similar I americium successful a warfare portion during the gameplay. From the bullets to the submarines’ sounds are nicely done.


In conclusion, “Sea Battle 2” is 1 among the astir worthy playing games that players tin person amusive by themselves, with their friends, oregon different online gamers.