Sea Battle 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Unlocked All)

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Sea Battle 2 is the mobile mentation of the world-famous crippled from your childhood, Battleship. Developed by BYRIL, Sea Battle 2 brings you eden to puerility but with galore caller features and divers arsenal. Currently, the crippled is reaching 4.6 / 5 points with much than 10 cardinal downloads. Let’s research this fascinating crippled together.

Sea Battle 2 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)

The crippled we’ve each known since childhood

Sea Battle 2 is simply a crippled that we person known since childhood, present we volition acquisition this crippled again but with caller features and much arsenal. Millions of radical astir the satellite inactive emotion this game. You tin situation players from everyplace utilizing your weapons and tactics. You volition person ships, planes, submarines, bombs, radars and galore different things to use. Put your vessel connected the board, onslaught the opponent’s positions, and usage the immense arsenal to descend the hostile ships. Create your ain strategy and don’t fto the hostile person a mode to escape.

Sea Battle 2 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)

Sea Battle 2 is an online game, wherever you tin interact with your friends oregon anyone successful the world. You tin articulation the conflict and enroll yourself successful the ranking of the champion people. Become the champion subordinate connected the planetary rankings by winning matches successful tournaments. Winning is lone counted for battles with random opponents. In mean mode, you tin conquer the trouble level that champion suits you to play. You tin besides invitation friends to play via Bluetooth. Choose a sanction for yourself and support successful interaction with your teammates done the built-in chat feature.

Sea Battle 2 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)


If you person ne'er played Sea Battle 2 oregon ne'er played BattleShip, past I would similar to springiness you immoderate tips erstwhile gathering strategies to decision opponents. As a beginner, these suggestions volition assistance you easy commencement it.

Surely your weaponry tin destruct force equipment

Because the device’s artificial quality often places ample ships astir the map, you indispensable see commanding your ships to destruct the enemy. This is truly a clever maneuver due to the fact that it makes it hard for you to driblet bombs connected their ships. Keep this successful mind, arsenic it tin assistance you person a large strategy to destruct each force ships

Do not spot ships adjacent each other

One of the communal mistakes of players successful Sea Battle 2 is that they thin to enactment their ships adjacent together. This tin enactment good to sprout down a precocious people similar an casual force aircraft. On the contrary, what happens erstwhile opponents driblet bombs connected areas wherever you spot ships? Your adjacent ships volition some detonate and origin large damage. So you request to debar placing ships excessively adjacent unneurotic to debar unfortunate losses.

Sea Battle 2 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)

Master your ain power

Sea conflict 2 gives you immoderate peculiar powerfulness equipment, including bombs, torpedo planes, turrets, bomb, radar, and bombs. The bomber volition driblet a fewer bombs astatine the designated location. The torpedo level drops a weaponry on the level route. The anti-aircraft turret has the relation of protecting your craft from force aircraft. The weaponry tin beryllium utilized arsenic traps. It volition halt the enemy’s crook erstwhile passing done the determination was put. And past but precise important is the powerfulness of a atomic bomb. This benignant of weaponry has large destructive power, tin destruct a ample country including ships, weapons, … You request to power your powerfulness to signifier a strategy that is astir reasonable.

Sea Battle 2 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)


Sea Battle 2 is designed with eye-catching Notepad benignant 2D graphics and peculiar effects that adhd to the uniqueness of the game. The main code is the bluish of the pen with its ain characteristics. True, lively dependable brings you into a satellite of strategists. Interactive crippled with astir android and ios devices