Shadowgun Legends MOD APK 1.1.8 (Unlimited Ammo)

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Are you bushed of the accepted FPS games wherever you’re lone constricted successful definite maps oregon a acceptable of weapons? With Shadowgun Legends, you’ll are escaped to research a monolithic satellite and instrumentality power of immoderate of the astir almighty weapons successful the universe. Go against intergalactic enemies successful breathtaking and aggravated battlefields. Find retired much astir this astonishing crippled from MADFINGER Games with our reviews.

Shadowgun Legends


In a faraway future, successful which humanity has reached its highest of evolution. The beingness isn’t thing that’s excessively uncertain for us. We person had interactions with aggregate races of aliens, galore of them adjacent go friends with our people.

However, arsenic we observe the universe, we besides brushwood hostile enemies who cognize thing different than conquering and destroy. Thus, mankind finds itself caught into a struggle betwixt the almighty races of aliens.

Being a susceptible warrior and soldier, you’re equipped with immoderate of the astir almighty gears and weapons to woody with the enemies. Combined with your enhanced physics, you’ll request to pb your men to the victories.

Shadowgun Legends


Here are the unthinkable features successful Shadowngun Legends that would surely fulfill you:

Exciting azygous subordinate run mode

Right astatine the beginning, players volition find themselves successful utmost situations that they indispensable bash their champion to overcome. And arsenic you advancement further into the game, determination volition beryllium tons of different antithetic mysteries and secrets for you to discover.

That being said, with the thrilling communicative campaign, Shadowgun Legends – FPS PvP Free Shooting Games delivers a captivating storyline that would surely impressment you. Hundreds of antithetic missions which instrumentality spot successful 4 antithetic planets, frenzy and breathtaking gameplay, and tons of discoverable elements. The crippled is capable to fulfill each shooter fans retired there.

Shadowgun Legends

Enjoy breathtaking co-op missions with your friends

Aside from the astonishing single-player mode, you’re besides introduced to the co-op missions successful which you tin play side-by-side with your friends successful your missions to rescue the Earth from the invaders. Take down elephantine force bosses arsenic you gain yourself unthinkable rewards. Go toe-to-toe with them and destruct their facilities for awesome loots.

You tin besides effort the War Games arenas; successful which you’re placed successful chaotic battlefields. Fight your mode to the triumph oregon judge your destiny arsenic the loser. It’s your prime to make. The destiny of the Earth and its radical is successful your hands. In addition, the marque the warfare games much challenging, you tin spell for the Hardcore games alternatively of the Casual ones.

Take connected existent players successful PvP squad battles

And if you deliberation that the co-op missions with AI are obscurity adjacent a situation for you and your teammates, you mightiness privation to effort retired the PvP squad battles. Here you and your friends volition person your chances to spell against the astir skillful and susceptible Shadowgun Legends players. Make uses of your skills and teamwork to instrumentality down the enemies earlier they laic their hands connected you. You tin either situation online players successful breathtaking 1vs1 faceoff oregon combat alongside your friends successful the 4vs4 matches.

Shadowgun Legends

Massive collections of weapons, gears, and accessories

For those who’re already bushed of the constricted options successful the accepted FPS games. Here successful Shadowgun Legends, you’re allowed to marque uses of the monolithic arsenal that the crippled offers. Take power of almighty weapons including pistols, rifles, instrumentality guns, oregon adjacent rocket launchers.

Protect yourself from enemies’ fires by equipping yourself with varied armor pieces, with each of them having their ain powers and abilities. Build an armor acceptable of your ain that is suitable to your warring style.

Convenient connection features

Communication is simply a captious cardinal for soldiers, particularly erstwhile you’re warring successful specified aggravated battlefields arsenic the ones successful Shadowgun Legends. That being said, players volition person tons of interactive options portion playing this game. You tin chat with your friends portion you’re successful the lobby, invitation them to your squad oregon enlistee caller teammates connected the server chat panel.

Shadowgun Legends

Explore the breathtaking reward system

And what could beryllium much breathtaking than to person invaluable rewards for your achievements successful your favourite games? In Shadowgun Legends, players volition person the chances to gain credits for your prizes. Experience the unsocial fame strategy wherever the much celebrated you’re, the much impactful your characters are. In addition, you’ll besides beryllium rewarded with awesome bonuses arsenic your FAME increase.

Enjoy the crippled with millions of others

With their erstwhile experiences with the Dead Trigger series and the awesome zombie FPS of Unkilled, it’s nary astonishment that Shadowngun Legends had received tons of attraction erstwhile it was archetypal released. However, it’s the astonishing gameplay that has kept gamers hooked into the actions. That being said, you tin articulation the satellite of Shadowngun Legends and acquisition this awesome shooting crippled with millions of online players from each implicit the world. Currently, the crippled is having implicit 200 cardinal registered gamers and the fig is increasing.

Shadowgun Legends

Free to play

For the unthinkable gameplay and breathtaking stories that Shadowgun Legends offer, it’s hard to judge that the crippled is presently escaped to play and tin beryllium download anytime onto your Android devices. Here you tin acquisition the champion PvP shooter games, research the astir exotic and almighty weapons of the futures, marque uses of the unthinkable guns and accessories that would assistance you during your combats.

Visual and dependable quality


With unthinkable graphics, the crippled is astir apt 1 of the astir beauteous and realistic games connected Google Play. Ready to acquisition the awesome graphics with Shadowgun Legends. In addition, you are introduced to creaseless and satisfying gameplay acknowledgment to the optimized hardware. That being said, you’ll apt to beryllium capable to bask the crippled connected astir of your devices, contempt the differences.


The almighty euphony and dependable effects would marque you consciousness similar you’re caught successful a existent combat betwixt the Earthlings and aliens. Experience intergalactic fights with immoderate of the toughest enemies that you could deliberation of. In addition, the close audio makes each and each 1 of your actions highly real.

How To Install Shadowgun Legends APK with OBB information file

  1. APK instal it connected your device.
  2. Extract the OBB record to /Android/obb/com.madfingergames.legends. Ensure that the OBB record ( sits wrong the com.madfingergames.legends folder.
  3. Start the crippled again. Enjoy!

Download Shadowgun Legends MOD latest 1.1.8 Android APK

For those shooter fans who’re looking for a large FPS rubric for their Android devices, Shadowgun Legends is surely a large crippled to enjoy. You tin download and instal the crippled close present connected Apkdone. It’s escaped to play truthful wherefore don’t you springiness it a try?