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Back successful 2012, the TV bid “Slugterra” was truthful celebrated that astir of my friends watched each azygous occurrence and season. I retrieve that we could speech astir “Slugterra” for hours and our teacher had to abstracted america from each different truthful that we could not marque immoderate noise. After the occurrence of the TV bid and “Slugterra: Slug it out”, Epic Story Interactive decided to motorboat the sequel “Slugterra: Slug it retired 2” aft the endless emotion from its fans.

In this 2D enactment game, players volition beryllium capable to research antithetic locations, conscionable and enlistee adorable slugs arsenic good arsenic immoderate fierce-looking ones. Players volition dive into astonishing adventures, woody with a assortment of creatures and evil bosses, and person the accidental to person astonishing rewards.


Slugs are mysteriously disappearing each crossed the 99 caverns. Just similar successful the series, you volition go the main leader Eli Shane with the ngo is to find retired the crushed for their disappearance from the underground environment, find the mode to bring each the slugs home, and reconstruct their fragile energy’s balance. Along your adventure, Burpy volition go your companion and assistance you to lick the mystery.

“Slugterra: Slug it retired 2” is simply a substance of warring and match-three puzzle elements. Players tin bask its large storyline, enlistee immoderate of the coolest slugs, and decision the evil bosses lasting successful your way. A assortment of slugs with unsocial abilities are located everyplace and request to beryllium upgraded each the clip to summation amended conflict skills.


Familiar gameplay

If you person watched the TV series, you volition spot its main conception is to cod antithetic types of slugs, bid them and duel with different opponents. The crippled takes aft its bid with a twist: match-three mechanism. Players person to lick a match-three puzzle wherever you tin lucifer 3 oregon akin tiles to complaint up your slugs.

To decision the rivals and bosses, players person to sprout them with slugs having peculiar powers. Once your slug guns person been charged, your occupation is to pat to unleash them onto your opponent, drain retired their HP and ticker them knocked out. Guns are rapidly charged erstwhile aggregate tiles are matched successful a azygous move.

Watch retired due to the fact that the information is everyplace successful places that you cannot expect. Also, it is important for players to retrieve the satellite representation and enactment harmless erstwhile playing Story Mode, players should look retired for traps and debar unexpected threats.

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Slugs are your champion friends

As the main character, players get to conscionable caller slugs connected their travel and marque friends with them. Slugs are shell-less creatures successful Slugterra, and astir of them are affable and lovable, portion others tin beryllium weird and scary. The developer of Slugterra is truthful originative with the slugs’ names, which are each truthful unsocial and adorable astatine the aforesaid time, for example, Bubbaleone, Jellyish, Tomato, etc.

Each slug has its ain specialties and attacks that tin assistance you header with the toughest opponents. By gathering resources oregon obtaining acquisition points done battles, players tin level up slugs’ health, speed, damage, effect duration, and captious deed chances. After successfully crushing the enemy, players tin get peculiar chests to unlock caller slugs arsenic good arsenic in-game coins and gems. Nevertheless, each thorax takes clip to unfastened up, if waiting is consuming excessively overmuch of your time, you tin velocity it up by utilizing coins.

In bid to upgrade your slugs, Evolution Stones are necessary. The much almighty they become, the easier the conflict with elephantine bosses. So far, the rarest slug successful Slugterra Is Crystalyd, besides known arsenic “Tunneler Slug”. It is highly almighty and tin lone beryllium recovered heavy beneath Slugterra’s surface.

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Types of slugs

Slugs tin beryllium divided into 5 basal elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Energy. Besides basal ones, determination are secondary elements: Ice, Electric, Plant, Psychic, Shadow, and Toxic. Their appearances instrumentality aft their ain names, for instance, if your slug is Water Elemental, it features waterpower with a bluish look.

Slugs with precocious experiences tin germinate into a stronger signifier called Megamorph. There are implicit 30 Megamorph slug transformations for players to upgrade. Slugs with Megamorph tin deed 200mph and grip the lawsuit speeds, making slugs stronger and faster.

Besides mean quality and Megamorph, slugs tin go “Ghoul” which is simply a signifier alternated by the Dark Energy. Ghoul slugs are powerful, yet well-trained slugs tin inactive decision them easily. In the TV series, Ghoul slugs are harder to person a enslaved with, and sometimes they tin beryllium unfriendly. In “Slugterra: Slug it retired 2”, 22 Ghouls tin beryllium collected oregon turned into.

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Slugs Hideout

Slugs alteration successful shapes, sizes, and colors. You cannot contradict the information that you would privation to cod immoderate slug whenever you spot them. Only 4 slugs tin beryllium brought into battle, truthful wherever volition the others beryllium at?

Introducing Slugs Hideout, wherever your small buddies tin bent retired with each different and play with the toys that you bargain for them. Despite their contrasting personalities, each slugs tin unrecorded together. Slugs Hideout besides helps you easy signifier and take which 1 you privation to bring along.

In the hideout, slugs tin rest, play astir connected swings oregon trampoline. Players tin interact with them, specified arsenic dragging them around.

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Explore magical worlds

“Slugterra” does not bounds players with repetitive battles due to the fact that they tin research antithetic stunning maps wherever the rarest slugs tin beryllium hiding. Each representation is designed cautiously and beautifully, and it comes with a antithetic chapter.

Free shopping

In “Slugterra: Slug it retired 2”, players are supported with a escaped buying feature. If you request something, bargain it consecutive from the store due to the fact that it costs nothing. If your slugs request a caller artifact to play with, instrumentality immoderate from the store and delight them.



“Slugterra: Slug it retired 2” looks similar it comes consecutive retired of the TV series. Every item and colour are precisely designed. There are beauteous lands with breathtaking sceneries for players to bask portion playing. During my gaming experience, I did not find immoderate lags oregon bugs. The framework complaint is steady, and the graphics are splendid.


With chill dependable effects and due soundtracks, players are relaxed and entertained astatine the aforesaid time. Personally, I emotion proceeding the adorable dependable of the slugs.


Slugterra: Slug it retired 2 is casual to play connected immoderate portable device, and it is an offline crippled allowing you to play anyplace you go. Fighting games sometimes tin beryllium tiring, but with these saccharine and precious slugs, the battles look much fun.