Smart Launcher 6 Pro MOD APK 6028 (Full)

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Smart Launcher 6 provides a caller Android acquisition focused connected ratio and customization.
A caller elemental location surface showing what matters. All your apps sorted into categories. Everything you request to execute your regular tasks faster and easier.

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• Automatic app sorting

Apps are automatically sorted into categories, you won’t person to discarded clip organizing your icons anymore! The advantages of automatic app sorting person been recognized besides by Apple which introduced it successful their App Library successful iOS 14.

• Ambient theme
Smart Launcher automatically changes the taxable colors to lucifer your wallpaper.

• Designed to beryllium utilized with 1 hand
We moved the items you request to interact the astir successful the bottommost portion of the surface wherever they are easier to reach.

• Customization
Smart Launcher is wholly customizable. You tin present modify each azygous colour of the taxable unlocking infinite possibilities of colour combination. Change fonts connected the location surface choosing among thousands of fonts from Google Fonts.

• Smart search
The Smart Launcher hunt barroom allows to rapidly find contacts and apps oregon to execute actions similar searching connected the web, adding a contact, oregon performing a calculation.

• Adaptive icons
The icon format introduced with Android 8.0 Oreo is afloat supported and disposable for immoderate Android device! Adaptive icons mean not lone customizable shapes but besides beauteous and bigger icons!

• Gestures and hotkeys
Both gestures and hotkeys are supported and configurable. You tin crook disconnected the surface with a double-tap oregon amusement the notification sheet with a swipe.

• Built-in timepiece widget with weather
The built-in widget has been redesigned to amusement info similar alarm, adjacent lawsuit and weather.

• On-screen notifications
Smart Launcher volition present amusement you which apps person progressive notifications without requiring you to download an outer plugin. This makes the diagnostic much unchangeable and reliable.

• Ultra immersive mode
You tin present fell the navigation barroom successful the launcher to maximize the surface space.

• Protect your apps
You tin fell the apps you privation and if you privation to support them secret, you tin support them with a PIN.

• Wallpaper selection
Smart Launcher includes a precise businesslike wallpaper picker that allows you to take betwixt galore sources of pictures. You tin besides backup your wallpaper earlier trying a caller one!


Smart Launcher is simply a community-driven project, regularly updated with caller features to enactment the astir caller Android APIs and caller devices. You tin articulation our assemblage and find retired however to go a beta tester utilizing this link:


Smart Launcher requires entree to the Android Accessibility API successful bid to supply immoderate features similar turning disconnected the surface oregon showing the notification sheet with a gesture. Enabling the entree is optional and successful immoderate case, Smart Launcher volition ne'er cod immoderate benignant of information utilizing this API.