Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Talking Tom Hero Dash poster

Fans of the celebrated smartphone crippled franchise, Talking Friends from Outfit7 volition person their chances for the archetypal clip to articulation Tom, Angela, Ginger, Hank, and their friends successful their archetypal ever tally & dash adventure. Find retired much astir this astonishing crippled from Outfit7 Limited with our reviews.


The crippled begins arsenic Tom and his friends find themselves progressive successful the evil strategy of the rascal raccoons who’re trying to instrumentality down the world. And they’ve already made their moves by kidnapping immoderate of your friends.

Start your travel with our hero, Tom and instrumentality connected your archetypal missions to rescue your friends. With each person rescued, you’ll person 1 much leader connected your side, which would assistance you a batch successful your journey.

Join Tom and his friends successful their epic escapade into the satellite of Talking Tom Hero Dash. Enjoy the Talking Tom gameplay arsenic you’ve ne'er played it before.


Here are immoderate of the champion features that the crippled has to offer:

Play arsenic your favourite characters from the series

In Talking Tome Hero Dash, players volition person their chances to play arsenic antithetic characters successful the Taking Friends series. Choose your favourite heroes and instrumentality down the evil raccoons with them:

  • Tom – You’ll commencement the crippled arsenic our main leader Tom. Dress up arsenic a superhero and commencement punching your mode to the enemies’ boss. Being the titular quality of the series, we’re definite that galore of you are fans of this small guy.
  • Angela – She is Tom’s girlfriend, and, besides his trouble. With an impulsive character, Angela often lets the enemies instrumentality advantages of her. Still, she’s a saccharine and caring woman to our small Tom.
  • Ginger – Little Ginger is simply a tiny orangish kitten with each the notorious traits of a child. He’s playful and loves to prank others. He besides hates staying adjacent to Tom and Angela erstwhile they get each romantic. Yuck! What a child.
  • Hank – Being a adjacent person and roommate of Tom the Talking Cat, Hank is simply a playful small canine with a elemental mind. However, helium has his undiscovered potentials, successful which helium has shown during the Hank the millionaire spinoff.

In additions, you’ll lone play arsenic galore different celebrated characters successful the series. By advancement further into the crippled and rescue much of your friends, you tin person amended enactment erstwhile reaching those last levels. Be the heroes that you’ve ever been.

Save your friends from the evil raccoons’ gang

In Talking Tom Hero Dash, the evil raccoons person erstwhile again plotted against the radical of friends arsenic they effort to kidnap their friends and sabotages the cities. It’s your occupation to instrumentality connected the breathtaking missions and decision the rascal raccoons.

In addition, arsenic you implicit your missions and quests, you tin besides rescue your friends who’ve fallen into the hands of the enemies. Free them from the evil rascals arsenic good arsenic unlocking caller characters for your squad.

Play the crippled done galore antithetic stages

The crippled introduces gamers to a monolithic representation featuring assorted stages that instrumentality spot successful galore antithetic locations each implicit the world. Fight the evil raccoons and rescue your friends portion moving connected skyscrapers, crossing the crowded China towns, passing done the beauteous tropical beaches, and galore different locations.

Innovated tally and dash gameplay

Instead of conscionable moving forward, Talking Tom Hero Dash introduces a alternatively caller and innovated gameplay. Now, players volition person a people to pursuit after. And arsenic you tally and dash the obstacles, you tin besides footwear raccoon’s butts to get escaped of those who basal successful your way. Apart from collecting golds, hitting raccoons is besides a large mode to get immoderate money.

In addition, arsenic you’ll beryllium the heroes successful this game, your characters volition person superpowers that let them to bash unthinkable things. And successful this case, with your heroes, you tin easy complaint done definite obstacles arsenic agelong arsenic you person capable powers. Still, support successful caput that you’ll suffer your vigor if you complaint done excessively galore obstacles. So marque definite you lone bash it erstwhile you person nary choices. Otherwise, marque definite you store capable vigor for hard scenes.

Perform varied stuns

As you acquisition the breathtaking tally and dash gameplay, you’ll find the maps successful Talking Tom Hero Dash highly interesting. Here, you tin leap betwixt rooftops, chasing your enemies down a slope, moving connected a cruiser, swinging connected a crane, and truthful on. And much interestingly, each representation volition person its ain unsocial elements, allowing gamers to acquisition each the features.

Cinematic takedown scene

On apical of that, arsenic you pursuit down the enemies, you’ll person your chances to bask breathtaking cinematic takedown scenes, successful which you’ll bushed down the enemies whom you’re chasing. Try to get adjacent to them arsenic imaginable to trigger this scene. It would trim your opponent’s wellness drastically if you bash it right. Plus, it’s besides amusive watching those rascal raccoons being kickass by our heroes.

Rebuild the torn-out world

As the raccoons cruise done a city, they’ll unrecorded down piles of rubbles. It’s your occupation to thrust them wholly retired of the cities, cleanable things up, and assistance the locals to rebuild their homes. Keep successful caput that you’ll person to repair definite locations to advancement to the adjacent levels successful Talking Tom Hero Dash. Defeat the 5 bosses crossed the full representation and bring backmost the peaceful beingness to the people.

Check retired peculiar events for rewarding prizes

In Talking Tom Hero Dash, gamers are besides introduced to peculiar events, successful which they’ll person large chances to gain invaluable prizes. Make definite you prime the close clip to log successful the crippled and acquisition these awesome events.

Unlock epic outfits for your favourite characters

To marque your characters adjacent much badass, you tin walk immoderate of your currency to get them unsocial costumes. Although they won’t springiness you immoderate superpowers, conscionable wearing them tin scare your enemies. Plus, it besides makes your favourite heroes look chill and basal retired from the others.

Free to play

Talking Tom Hero Dash is presently escaped to play connected Google Play Store. You tin easy download and instal it connected your devices to commencement enjoying the game. Hesitate nary further arsenic the satellite request your help.

Visual and dependable quality


The crippled comes with affable graphics and arts, which marque the crippled cleanable for playing with friends and household members. In additions, you tin besides bask the crippled everyplace without experiencing awkward situations successful the public.

Also, the undemanding graphics marque Talking Tom Hero Dash a cleanable crippled to bask connected astir immoderate mobile devices.


Throughout your journey, you’ll beryllium enjoying funky and breathtaking dependable effects which marque the crippled adjacent much addictive. Always beryllium readied for actions successful Talking Tom Hero Dash.

Download Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod latest Android APK

With each the breathtaking features, it’s hard to place this game, particularly erstwhile you’re a instrumentality of the celebrated franchise. Enjoy yet different hilarious escapade of Tom and his friends successful Talking Tom Hero Dash.