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Talking astir conveniences and functionality, you’ll surely find your smartphones having each that. But what if I archer you that you’re lone enjoying a tiny spot of what it could offer? Indeed, your Android devices are large for regular connection uses and amusement with tons of disposable apps and games. But you’ll request implicit automations and hassle-free actions to further bask the devices and their applications.

And speaking of which, the utile Tasker, with each of its functional and utile tools, volition surely impressment you with its immense applications and absorbing features. Feel escaped to acceptable up your devices toward implicit automation, which volition let you to marque the astir of its features nevertheless you want. Choose whichever actions and the respective outcomes portion moving with the mobile app. Enable galore unsocial enactment triggers. And research the immense room of disposable options wrong the Android tool.

Learn much astir the app and its absorbing features with our broad reviews of Tasker.

What does it do?

So basically, Tasker volition enactment arsenic your eventual telephone butler that helps you negociate each the apps and instrumentality features to marque them much accessible and enjoyable. Here, you tin easy alteration implicit automation for your mobile devices by mounting up the personalized triggers for each actions. Let the app alteration the settings connected applications, games, and instrumentality features based connected the app you’re using, the clip of the day, your locations, and galore different utile settings.

Choose whichever actions that you privation to person it execute and Tasker volition efficaciously alteration its unthinkable features for you to enjoy. Unlock your app controls, record manipulations, euphony controls, adjunct settings, and galore others. Design your ain unthinkable UI with beauteous app setups, customizable backgrounds, absorbing animations, and galore others. Conveniently power the apps with automated triggers, region tasker settings, and galore different tools.

Plus, you tin present bask moving with the awesome App Creation, which volition let you to make your ain standalone app and marque amended uses of your strategy nevertheless you want. The imaginable wrong the app is virtually unlimited and you tin ever marque the astir of it with your originative thinking.


For those of you who are interested, you volition person to wage to unlock the utile exertion of Tasker connected the Google Play Store. But erstwhile you do, you’ll find yourself having implicit amusive with its astonishing features and applications.

Also, to marque definite that the app works good connected your devices, it’s besides important to supply it with definite entree permissions. And don’t hide to person your Android devices updated with the latest firmware versions, if you are aiming for the latest updates.

And though it’s not required, definite features wrong the app volition request basal entree from your devices. So immoderate of you mightiness person problems moving astir its features and functions. But astir of the time, Tasker tin enactment good connected unrooted devices.

Awesome features

Here are each the breathtaking features that the app has to offer:

Enable implicit automations connected your Android devices

To commencement with, Android users successful Tasker tin alteration implicit automations connected their mobile devices. By selecting the definite apps oregon instrumentality settings and features, users tin easy take the preferred triggers to alteration them oregon acceptable up their circumstantial features. Activate the app with galore automated settings, which volition let you to marque the astir of the devices. Automate your devices nevertheless you privation to truly amended your in-app experiences.

Different profiles to enactment connected your settings

And to marque definite that each users tin bask moving connected their Tasker with personalized experiences, the app besides enables antithetic profiles for you to enactment connected your settings. Now, you tin easy power betwixt antithetic idiosyncratic profiles to alteration antithetic automations, UI settings, and different utile setups that person made for galore circumstantial experiences.

Many actions that you tin let connected your devices

Here successful Tasker, Android users tin alteration aggregate in-app actions, which volition marque the exertion a batch much convenient. Feel escaped to research much 350+ actions, each having its ain unsocial uses. From sending messages, creating notifications, changing strategy settings, customizing the themes, adjusting the Do Not Disturb mode, manipulating files to changing your euphony settings, customize app usages, and different utile mods.

Useful triggers to enactment astir with

And to successfully alteration the unsocial automations wrong Tasker, Android users tin freely take to enactment with their manual trigger actions oregon automated ones. Choose to activate the enactment via the launcher shortcuts, speedy settings bars successful the notification panel, alteration app widgets, enactment connected the measurement buttons, floating buttons, oregon besides integrate the app usages with the controls connected your Bluetooth headphones.

At the aforesaid time, consciousness escaped to automate the controls based connected the respective clip of day, your existent locations, the connected Wi-Fi networks, received messages, definite notifications, the presently played songs, and galore different utile settings.

Explore the utile and convenient Remote Tasker

Here successful Tasker, users tin besides adhd the awesome exertion of Join oregon Remote Tasker, which volition let you to trigger tasks from different Android devices oregon PC. Thus, making the distant controls of your Tasker profiles highly casual and convenient.

Design your UI with unsocial animations

For those of you who are interested, you tin present acceptable up your ain instrumentality UI with unsocial animations and absorbing scenes connected your mobile devices. Feel escaped to physique worldly connected your location screen, mounting menu, notification bars, and galore different places connected the OS. Add floating bars, intuitive widgets, utile notification barroom controls, and galore different utile triggers wrong your mobile devices. And astir importantly, you tin take to adhd unsocial animations, on with some haptic and ocular responses to the respective app. Thus, making it a batch much utile and enjoyable.

Create your ain standalone apps

Also, for enthusiasts, you tin present bask moving with the awesome App Creation instrumentality from Tasker App Factory. Try retired galore absorbing features wrong the app and marque the astir of its features, arsenic you let Android users to bask amended uses of their features.

Work good with 3rd enactment app integration

Here successful Tasker, Android users tin bask moving with the awesome 3rd enactment app integrations. Not lone for the banal Android apps and settings, Tasker tin present enactment good with each disposable app connected your system, arsenic it allows you to freely customize the app settings and features.

Useful statistic for your apps

And portion you’re enjoying the app, Tasker volition cod utile statistic for your apps to amended idiosyncratic experiences. Feel escaped to cheque for the app usage whenever you want. And besides usage the disposable usages to alteration definite triggers for utilized clip periods, unfastened attempts, and different statistics. You tin besides usage these for precise reminders and alerts if you are utilizing immoderate apps for excessively long.

Connect with different supported devices via Bluetooth

Tasker tin present link to different supported devices via Bluetooth and let for amended uses of the application. Feel escaped to alteration the absorbing dependable commands for Tasker, notifications, app reports connected your Android astute location assistant, astute wearables, and others.

Also, Tasker tin easy cod utile information including the instrumentality ID, artillery levels, and the existent Bluetooth spot for immoderate probe purposes. With antithetic applications, determination volition beryllium assorted uses and functionalities, which you tin alteration utilizing the Bluetooth connections with Tasker.

Support HTTP petition and authorizations for web requests

And with the disposable HTTP requests and authorizations, Android users tin marque aggregate web requests and further bask their online experiences utilizing Tasker. Feel escaped to usage the nonstop header, query parameter, timer, body, files, for your each petition for the respective HTTP actions. Also, with the HTTP Off actions, you tin marque changes to the websites, online apps, and services remotely without having to entree the definite platforms. Use it to conveniently insert your information connected websites, Google Spreadsheets oregon Docs, Spotify Playlists, and different disposable content.

Enable euphony way changes and events

And speaking of which, Tasker volition marque definite that you tin bask your euphony experiences to the fullest. Feel escaped to person the instrumentality pass you with the songs oregon videos that are presently being played. Create your floating subordinate for each euphony files and videos. Allow the app to look up online for disposable lyrics. The database of applications is virtually endless.

Easily backup each your tasker data

To marque definite that you tin person each your information saved, Tasker volition let users to easy backmost up their projects, profiles, tasks, variables, settings, and different important information from their application. Feel escaped to sync your information connected immoderate different devices whenever you privation and ne'er suffer them.

Enjoy the escaped and unlocked app connected our website

Last but not least, for those of you who can’t spend the priced app connected the Google Play Store, you tin ever bask the modified versions of Tasker connected our website. Here, we supply the escaped and fully-unlocked app with each the absorbing features from the latest app versions. All it takes is for you to download the Tasker Mod APK, travel the provided instructions, and you’re bully to go.

Final verdicts

With astonishing uses and unthinkable features, the app volition connection you unlimited applications connected each disposable apps, features, and settings connected your mobile devices. Hence, you tin expect a batch much from Tasker. But with conscionable the mentioned features, you tin inactive bask it rather substantially. And acknowledgment to our modded and unlocked mentation of Tasker, you tin ever beryllium satisfied with your choices.