The Greedy Cave MOD APK 4.0.2 (Unlimited Money)

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The Greedy Cave poster

You are an adventurous person, a funny person, and similar to observe the mysterious things astir you, oregon you privation to go a mighty and brave warrior.

Imagine if 1 time you get mislaid successful a deserted, remote, barren onshore with galore mysterious caves, each astir you tin perceive the sounds of monsters growling, screaming similar they privation to swallow what it sees, and the acold winds stroke you to marque you shiver….

So, what should you bash then?

Of course, it is intolerable to dice successful a terrifying wilderness similar this, but you person to basal up to fight, destruct the monsters successful each cave to unrecorded backmost to your homeland, right? And to conquer that, to crook your imagination of becoming a almighty and superb warrior, The Greedy Cave volition assistance execute your dream.

Sceneries for astir game

The Greedy Cave begins successful a distant Kingdom to the north, Iblis, wherever small is known and oft-forgotten place. It is simply a chaotic and barren land, the radical lived highly miserable and had to exploit the lords successful the confederate region. This, the adventurers stopped overnight present but didn’t travel backmost for long.

Until 1 day, an explorer mislaid and stumbles implicit a hole. The communicative volition astir apt extremity erstwhile helium doesn’t return. But, helium returned and brought with him a sack of golden and sparkling treasure.

Information astir the explorer’s unexpected wealthiness and wealthiness rapidly dispersed northbound to the southbound and crossed the Kingdom. This happening is to unafraid the curiosity of galore different explorers astir the satellite and has ended their travel towards the onshore to conquer and explore, and successful nary clip astatine all, a bustling municipality had sprung up successful this forgotten place. Clever merchants not missing this opportunity, built taverns and shops adjacent the cave, selling instrumentality and potions to anxious adventurers.

At the aforesaid clip explorers delved into the caves, mysteries continued to determination distant from the cave, yet cipher knew wherever the root of the secrets lay. The explorer latecomers are weak, constricted than the explorers earlier and they are opening to person acheronian thoughts and this spot becomes a puddle of uncertainty greed and danger.

Task and Rule

The player’s task successful The Greedy Cave is to play the relation of an explorer, a warrior entering each cave according to each level, to decision monsters, players indispensable usage skills, intelligent positions.  Your large mode to conquer monsters, cod rewards and decode the mysteries astir and measurement by measurement advancement to the adjacent cave.

Graphics- Sound

The crippled has unsocial paper-cut graphics with astonishing gameplay, a divers limb strategy for fighting, and varied sounds.

Players tin play The Greedy Cave connected Android, iOS and tin download the crippled for escaped connected Google Play App.

Game features:

  • Randomly generated cave levels providing antithetic experiences each time.
  • Hundreds of monsters afloat of enigma to defeat.
  • Hundreds of rewards and instrumentality to collect.
  • Hundreds of quests and achievements to conquer and experience.
  • Upgrade, reform, level up, reward and galore richer features to explore.

Hopefully, The Greed Cave volition bring galore fascinating and absorbing experiences for players, arsenic good arsenic pull much gamers to join.

What are you waiting for? Please download the crippled and role-playing!