The Sun Origin MOD APK 2.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Those of you who’re funny successful the unthinkable endurance gameplay volition surely bask yourself with this awesome crippled from AGaming+. That being said, the rubric introduces Android gamers to the awesome post-apocalypse satellite wherever humanity is connected the brink of destruction.

Join our quality successful his eventual endurance challenges successful the ruthless and unforgiving lands of The Sun. Explore the monolithic maps and bask the crippled arsenic you embark connected your ain adventures. Become the leader that you were destined to go and prevention the radical from the ruthless rulers.

Find retired much astir this astonishing rubric with our reviews of The Sun Origin.


The crippled introduces Android gamers to the fantasized aboriginal satellite of the twelvemonth 2050 erstwhile a catastrophic surge from the Sun hits Earth. Billions were killed during the events, and lone a fewer survivors were capable to flight the catastrophe by hiding successful an abandoned bunker.

And portion this was predicted by scientists from each implicit the world, not galore radical wage excessively overmuch attraction arsenic the nations were inactive engaged with their petty conflicts and disputes. And thus, humanity has to look the full annihilations.

But this was conscionable the opening since what lies up of humanity is truthful overmuch much than you could ever deliberation of. With the resources dilatory depleted and the survivors are craving for food, conflicts statesman to spark against the ruthless warlords. And mankind is being drowned successful their ain battles against each other, alternatively of moving toward a communal goal.

In the game, gamers volition find themselves playing arsenic a fortunate subsister named Raven. Follow his adventures, you’ll larn much astir this caller satellite successful The Sun Origin. Do immoderate you request to bash to past and support those astir you, combat against the monsters and enemies that are each astir you. Lives successful the post-apocalypse satellite are some cruel and unforgiving for each of you.

Embark connected your ain travel arsenic you prevention the remaining radical from facing their bittersweet fates. Unite arsenic you decision the different ruthless warlords. Work unneurotic toward a overmuch amended cause. Rebuild the Earth and unrecorded successful peace. Fulfill the imagination of each the survivors crossed the satellite by being their heroes.

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Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Immersive and addictive endurance gameplay

To commencement with, shooter and endurance crippled fans volition decidedly bask themselves successful this immersive and addictive gameplay successful The Sun Origin. That being said, you’ll find yourself wholly hooked to the crippled arsenic you articulation others successful your eventual endurance challenges. Discover the monolithic and interactive maps with galore antithetic aspects to explore.

Encounter with friends, allies, and hostile factions arsenic you question the lands. Take connected a bid of absorbing missions and challenges arsenic you find a mode retired of the situation. Dive into epic shooter gameplay whenever you’re successful The Sun Origin, and truthful on.

Intuitive and implicit interaction controls

Moreover, to rapidly introduces gamers to their surviving challenges, the crippled besides features the intuitive and implicit interaction controls for you to enjoy. Feel escaped to determination astir the maps, marque uses of your tools, occurrence your guns toward the enemies, oregon interact with immoderate radical that you brushwood utilizing the intuitive interaction buttons. With convenient setups and atmospheric designs, you’ll find yourself wholly hooked to the experiences.

Explore the torn-out satellite aft the disaster

And for those who’re interested, you’ll besides person the accidental to research the devastated satellite aft the disaster. Discover a wholly antithetic ambiance wherever humanity has go truthful hostile toward each other. Out determination connected the wild, mindless monsters and ghoul that were affected by the radiations rotation the lands. And adjacent wrong the shelter, determination isn’t overmuch anticipation arsenic radical are engaged warring against each other.

Embark connected your ain travel arsenic you get progressive successful captivating stories

Android gamers volition yet person their chances to bask the epic stories of a post-apocalypse satellite successful The Sun Origin. Here, you’ll observe a wholly antithetic aboriginal satellite from what you’re utilized to seeing oregon imagine. No buildings, nary flying cars, nary affable aliens, lone the devastated quality beings combat against each different for the past portions of foods.

Experience the almighty and profound stories arsenic you articulation Raven successful his journey. Learn to go a leader that the world’s dying to person arsenic you marque the close choices for some you and the assemblage successful this eventual surviving challenge.

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Complete quests and missions arsenic you advance

And speaking of which, arsenic you find yourself caught successful the epic stories successful your surviving journey, the crippled besides features a bid of absorbing quests and missions for you to enjoy. From the archetypal quests that assistance you get to cognize the crippled more, to the much precocious missions that progressive thousands of quality lives. Slowly but steadily, you’ll go the leader that you were calved to be.

Level up and amended your definite skills

To let our characters to go much susceptible during the battles and surviving challenges, gamers successful The Sun Origin are besides introduced to the absorbing level and accomplishment system. Here, you tin level up your characters to summation their stats oregon amended your skills truthful you tin person amended chances of surviving. Choose betwixt antithetic paths to make your characters arsenic you beforehand done the astonishing and bittersweet satellite of The Sun Origin.

Equip and customize your items to heighten your capabilities

In addition, for those of you who’re interested, the crippled besides features a assortment of antithetic items and tools that you tin person connected your characters, each with its ain circumstantial uses and purposes. Here, retired successful the chaotic and toxic environment, you’re going to request a batch of stuffs if you privation to survive, fto unsocial being capable to past your hunger.

The Sun Origin screenshot 3

A satellite afloat of friends and enemies

And arsenic you research the monolithic satellite successful The Sun Origin, you’ll besides person the accidental to brushwood aggregate different survivors astir you. Get progressive successful their stories, marque friends and enemies on the way, and acquisition the satellite afloat of friends and enemies. When it comes to surviving businesses, everyone could beryllium your friends and immoderate of them could besides crook into your enemies.

Enjoy the wholly unlocked gameplay for free

While it is presently listed connected the Google Play Store arsenic a paid version, you tin inactive bask the crippled connected your mobile devices for escaped with our modified mentation of the game. That being said, each you request to bash is to download and instal The Sun Origin Mod APK connected your mobile devices. Unlock the escaped gameplay and bask each the disposable features without having to wage anything.

Visual and dependable quality


With awesome 3D graphics and the atmospheric situation designs, the crippled introduces Android gamers to the monolithic and interactive post-apocalypse satellite that you’ll decidedly find interesting. In addition, with epic and realistic ocular effects, the in-game combats volition look and consciousness a batch much interesting.


Dive into the endless shooter and endurance gameplay successful The Sun Origin arsenic you bask the almighty and impactful audio experiences. Find yourself wholly hooked to the realistic environments filled with dynamic and close sounds. It’ll marque you consciousness similar you’re really successful your ain endurance nightmare.

How To Install The Sun Origin APK with OBB information file

  1. APK instal it connected your device, DO NOT unfastened app.
  2. Extract the OBB record to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.agaming.thesun.origin. Ensure that the OBB record ( sits wrong the com.agaming.thesun.origin folder.
  3. Start the crippled again. Enjoy!

Download The Sun Origin Mod latest 2.1.0 Android APK

For those of you who’re interested, The Sun Origin should decidedly beryllium different large endurance crippled that you tin enjoy, on with Day R Premium and different awesome titles. Not to notation that you’ll besides person entree to our wholly escaped gameplay, which is perfectly cool.