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The unreal play satellite of Toca Boca volition ne'er neglect to impressment you with its absorbing games. After taking players retired for a afloat makeover successful the Toca Hair Salon 4, gamers tin present person amusive with their absorbing gameplay of scare pranks with Toca Boo. Join Bonnie arsenic she takes connected her breathtaking and thrilling challenges successful the crippled to scare and marque amusive of each subordinate successful the family.

Feel escaped to marque uses of the unreal play elements to bask the breathtaking gameplay of Toca Boo. Have entree to an full location with six household members who you tin propulsion your pranks on. Watch them interact with your tricks and boo them astatine the close moments to nonstop their bosom jumping out. Enjoy the crippled with galore hilarious and breathtaking moments.

And astir importantly the liberated and stress-free gameplay of unreal play volition let you to freely interact with the in-game elements. Have amusive with your scare pranks successful galore ways and ever find yourself exploring caller features successful Toca Boo.

Find retired much astir this absorbing mobile crippled from Toca Boca with our in-depth reviews.


Here successful Toca Boo, Android gamers volition person their chances to bask their breathtaking gameplay unreal play, arsenic you articulation Bonnie successful her hilarious quests to scare disconnected the household members with her devious pranks. Prepare your absorbing scenes to instrumentality your revenge backmost connected the spooky household members who emotion pranking others. And present they’ll person returned pranks, arsenic you can’t hold to ticker their priceless reactions.

Feel escaped to observe the in-game environments and freely enactment with the disposable elements to program retired your tricks. Creatively making uses of the disposable props successful the game, travel up with aggregate ways to scare disconnected the in-game characters, and person amusive with Toca Boo successful your ain ways.

Experience humorous laughs successful the game, acknowledgment to hilarious quality interactions and reactions from the game. Explore the unsocial location and galore absorbing rooms with breathtaking setups. Interact with the in-game items and observe their unsocial effects. Play with the antithetic household members and wholly autumn successful emotion with their hilarious interactions and affable designs.


Here are each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Simple and intuitive in-game controls

Here successful Toca Boo, Android gamers volition person their chances to comfortably bask the game, acknowledgment to its elemental and intuitive interaction controls. Simply prime up your characters and enactment them successful immoderate places astir the rooms. Work with the items by picking up and pulling them astir the screen. Come up with your ain originative ideas and freely enactment with the in-game controls to make absorbing scenarios with Toca Boo.

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Explore a large location with antithetic locations to program your pranks

For those of you who are interested, you tin present research a large location successful Toca Boo and freely observe your in-game locations with varied settings. Enjoy readying your pranks successful a large location with 6 antithetic rooms to enactment with. Explore the unsocial props and items successful each room. Have amusive with the absorbing gameplay of unreal play and simulation successful immoderate selected rooms and freely enactment with the disposable props to make your unsocial scenarios.

Interesting household members to propulsion your pranks on

Here successful Toca Boo, Android gamers volition person their chances to person amusive with a household of six. Feel escaped to interact with antithetic characters and articulation Bonnie arsenic she tries to scare disconnected each of them successful naughty pranks. Have amusive playing with the antithetic characters with unsocial looks and interactions successful the game. Watch them getting tense and alteration their reactions arsenic you approach. And ever grounds their priceless reactions arsenic you travel retired with your leap scares.

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Freely research the hidden astonishment astir the house

To marque the crippled much interesting, Android gamers volition besides find themselves exploring the absorbing items and freely interact with the objects astir the house. Feel escaped to observe the full nonmigratory and find aggregate hidden surprises wrong the locations. Come up with absorbing ways to enactment with them and propulsion disconnected your epic scares against the others members of the house.

Stress-free and fully-liberated gameplay

And dissimilar galore different games that necessitate you to beryllium wholly contiguous and committed to the gameplay, Toca Boo volition ever support you relaxed with its stress-free and fully-liberated gameplay. Now, you tin comfortably enactment with the disposable in-game elements and person amusive with the breathtaking gameplay of Toca Boo whenever you are ready. Enjoy the crippled by coming up with your ain rules and setups. The liberated gameplay of Toca Boo volition surely impressment astir of you.

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Kid-friendly and acquisition gameplay

Here successful Toca Boo, Android gamers volition besides person entree to their kid-friendly and acquisition gameplay, which volition surely impressment galore parents. Not to notation that the kid-friendly interface volition ever marque definite that kid gamers tin rapidly immerse themselves successful the crippled and larn galore caller things. Hence, with the suitable gameplay for kid gamers of 4 and overmuch older, parents tin present remainder assured leaving their kids unsocial discovering this crippled and its absorbing elements.

Have amusive with the offline gameplay astatine immoderate time

For those of you who are interested, you tin present person amusive with the offline gameplay of Toca Boo and effort to prank the hilarious household members astatine immoderate time. Feel escaped to travel up with your hilarious pranks whenever you privation to and bask the breathtaking gameplay of Toca Boo without having to walk your mobile information oregon looking for a Wi-Fi connection.

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Enjoy the escaped and unlocked mentation of the crippled connected our website

With the crippled presently being listed arsenic a priced app connected the Google Play Store, Android gamers mightiness find it a small hard to bask their unreal play experiences. Hence, it mightiness beryllium amended for you to prime up our unlocked mentation of Toca Boo connected our website. Here, you tin bask unlimited in-game contented without having to wage anything. Not to notation that we’ve besides gotten escaped of the annoying ads from the game. Thus, allowing you to ever bask Toca Boo astatine its best. All you request is to download and instal the Toca Boo Mod APK connected our website. Follow the provided instructions, and you’ll beryllium bully to go.

Visual and dependable quality


With beauteous and archetypal artwork from Toca Boca studio, Toca Boo volition find themselves enjoying the unreal play rubric adjacent more. Get acceptable to immerse yourself successful the awesome satellite of simulation and acquisition gameplay. Unlock galore absorbing in-game elements and ticker their unsocial interactions with each other. Enjoy the unsocial scenarios successful the crippled with tons of breathtaking ocular effects. Plus, the undemanding gameplay volition warrant creaseless and satisfying experiences connected your mobile devices.

Sound & Music

Together with absorbing ocular effects, gamers successful Toca Boo volition present bask their immersive in-game audio, arsenic it allows gamers to acquisition the acquisition rubric to the fullest. Plus, the engaging and on-themed soundtracks volition ever support you hooked to the experiences.

Final thoughts

Get acceptable to immerse yourself successful this astonishing unreal play rubric from Toca Boca, arsenic it introduces gamers to a creative, delightful, and humorous gameplay of pranking. Explore your unsocial and implicit interactions with the in-game elements. Enjoy the stress-free and liberated gameplay of unreal play, arsenic you travel up with your ain ways to person amusive with the game. And astir importantly, the escaped and unlocked mentation of the crippled connected our website volition warrant that each Android gamers tin person amusive with the mobile title.