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Tower Conquest offers a precise absorbing travel to research the tactical world. The crippled is astir an animated 2D satellite afloat of chaos, and you power your service successful hunt of glory. Recruit almighty warriors, and make the cleanable army. Your ngo is to destruct opposing towers, research the endless cute world. The much enemies you defeat, the much large treasure you volition earn. You strive to powerfulness up, and predominate the planetary Player Tournament.


Tower Conquest offers horizontal gameplay, and you power a almighty service to decision your opponents. The crippled offers 5 chiseled factions with astir 70 antithetic characters (including heroes and unsocial towers). Each benignant of hero, and tower, has its ain pros and cons. The crippled is accelerated paced, and you request the close strategy, speedy reflection skills, and bully defence / onslaught clarity. The crippled has a lively, cute 2D creation style. All models are great, and much than 50 antithetic conflict backgrounds. After galore matches, you cod cards to unlock, and turn units. Each upgrade offers almighty capabilities, and galore unsocial features. The crippled has an extended representation strategy with absorbing rewards, and the crippled is ever updated with caller worlds, regular Quest and Merchant services. The crippled is highly customizable, truthful you tin make astir 5 unsocial squad positions, premix and usage characters to find your favourite warring style. The crippled supports sharing gifts with friends connected Facebook and warring with friends astir the world.

Tower Conquest offers elemental amusement tactics, absorbing and attractive. You summon troops successful classical style, and pb your service to flooded countless challenging levels with expanding difficulty. Through aggravated matches, the crippled promises to bring an highly large amusement experience. Get the close cards ready, and make simple, effectual gameplay. You volition summon and usage your warriors properly, and destruct your enemies by destroying their headquarters.

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Tower Conquest offers a classical benignant of play. The telephone surface volition beryllium successful scenery format, the main houses connected each broadside volition beryllium located connected the 2 corners of the screen. Warriors volition determination from the player’s main location to the opponent’s home. The soldier’s occupation is to destruct the enemy, and destruct the main house. Players tin transportation up to 6 cards including: 1 main house, 4 warriors and 1 person paper successful each match. Each warrior / person paper needs antithetic summoning energy, and players request to accumulate capable vigor points to beryllium capable to summon the close warrior. Players tin level up vigor trees to summation maximum energy. The lucifer volition extremity erstwhile 1 person’s main location is wholly destroyed. The crippled has a batch of antithetic warrior cards, and players are escaped to choose.

Tower Conquest uses golden coins to upgrade cards. Each upgrade volition summation the stats of strength, health, speed, … The maximum level of the paper volition beryllium adjacent to the player’s level. If you accumulate the required fig of cards, the subordinate tin adjacent level up the cards. From here, the paper tin alteration successful appearance, arsenic good arsenic summation a important magnitude of power. The crippled has a ample fig of types of cards, but each divided into 5 main groups: Kingsmen (kingdom of knights), Undead (zombie), Robots (robot), Jade Empire, Invaders ( alien invaders). You tin take your favourite Class, and make the close warring benignant (including main location card, warrior paper and person card). Each paper volition person antithetic abilities, warring methods.

Tower Conquest has a soundtrack with a mean but precise heroic rhythm. The crippled euphony creates the epic feeling of the matches. Sound effects are afloat of features, powerful, and afloat of amusive successful combat. 2D graphics are designed successful cartoon signifier with agleam colors, highly friendly. Players bask the elemental lines. Cards with highly comic and beauteous characters. The conflict / accomplishment effects of the cards are displayed successful a captivating way, truthful the crippled is ever precise interesting.

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Tower Conquest offers 2 main crippled modes. The archetypal mode is the run mode. Players request to flooded countless levels with expanding difficulty. Each circular volition beryllium a wholly caller and absorbing theme. Players volition research absorbing kingdoms, and flooded astonishing challenges to person charismatic rewards. Event situation mode is simply a crippled mode that appears randomly for a abbreviated play of time. Challenge mode gives players peculiar missions, gates afloat of difficulties. Of course, if you walk done the gates, the players volition person highly charismatic rewards. In addition, the crippled besides creates a planetary arena, and players tin randomly lucifer up to vie with each other. Players brace randomly with different subordinate to compete. The reward for the victor is the acquisition points to summation ranking connected the planetary rankings. Also, if you similar to practice, you should effort the “Train” diagnostic – the diagnostic that helps players get rewards aft a definite magnitude of clip offline.

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Alternatively, you tin effort the crippled “Age of War 2” to acquisition breathtaking 2D turn-based combat done antithetic eras. You bid a immense service from cavemen riding dinosaurs to modern tanks, oregon robot warriors from a aboriginal era. You take either coagulated defence tactics, oregon insane attacks.

You should besides effort “Kingdom Rush Vengeance” with operation defence strategy gameplay. You physique your empire to combat almighty enemies. You decision ultimate bosses, unlock caller units / towers, and bid legendary heroes. The crippled offers galore large operation defence experiences.

In short, Tower Conquest offers players breathtaking 2D battles. The crippled is designed simply, but inactive highly charismatic and attractive. Classic horizontal gameplay, but players request judgment, strategical reasoning successful each lucifer to beryllium capable to decision the enemy. Get acceptable to escapade into the satellite of Tower Conquest successful hunt of glory. You signifier an army, enlistee soldiers and turn the cleanable army. You request to bash it each to destruct opposing towers, research the endless world, hunt for large treasures to powerfulness up. You conflict different players to predominate the Global Tournaments. If you are a person of elemental strategy games, Tower Conquest is the close choice.

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  • Tactical diverseness with 5 classes, 70 characters, unsocial heroes and towers.
  • Vivid 2D creation graphics, and 50+ circumstantial backgrounds.
  • Collect cards to unlock and upgrade your units (troops / cannons).
  • Explore the extended representation strategy with a assortment of rewards.
  • Choose betwixt the regular Quest, oregon Merchant crippled mode.
  • Share gifts with friends connected Facebook.
  • Fight with planetary players, and summation planetary rankings.


  • There are not galore breakthroughs compared to the 2D strategy of horizontal.
  • The dependable is inactive not blistery enough.