Toy Blast MOD APK 9262 (Unlimited Lives)

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Find yourself backmost to the basics with this elemental yet highly addictive crippled from Peak. Discover the satellite of possibilities successful Toy Blast, wherever you volition beryllium challenged by a assortment of antithetic puzzle gameplay astatine your fingertips. Match the cubes with the aforesaid colors and blast them disconnected with your fingers to wide the levels. Combine aggregate cubes to make the almighty explosions that nonstop each the cubes disconnected the field. Collect varied buffs that tin assistance you wining the challenges. Take connected a bid of antithetic levels and stages with varied difficulties arsenic you go. Discover unsocial and breathtaking crippled modes successful Toy Blast. Find retired much astir this astonishing crippled with our reviews of Toy Blast.


The crippled is fundamentally a matching puzzle rubric wherever you’ll person to link the antithetic cubes with the aforesaid colors to popular them up. This would springiness you definite amounts of points and unlock caller possibilities successful this dynamic puzzle table. Find yourself taking connected aggregate challenges with unsocial requirements and cubes setups. Create awesome combos to unlock awesome clearances with unthinkable buffs similar the occurrence rockets, TNT, and truthful on. You’re besides allowed to bask the crippled with friends and gamers from each implicit the satellite arsenic you vie for the eventual leaderboards. Toy Blast screenshot 1


Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features that the crippled has to offer:

Simple and addictive gameplay

To commencement with, Android gamers volition find themselves being introduced to the elemental gameplay successful Toy Blast with intuitive and convenient controls. In addition, the large happening astir the crippled is that it’s highly simple, to the constituent that you tin conscionable instrumentality look astatine it for little than a minutes to get the bent of it. Hence, it’s the cleanable rubric for you if you’re looking for a speedy fun. However, don’t deliberation of it arsenic a plain elemental game, but much similar a simply addictive 1 instead. That being said, you’ll soon find yourself hooked to the oddly satisfying gameplay and support craving for more.

Enjoy the crippled and amended your skills done galore levels

To let gamers to afloat bask their awesome adventures successful Toy Blast, the crippled features much than 2500 antithetic puzzle challenges with unsocial and absorbing gameplay that you tin bask whenever you want. In addition, with escalating difficulties, you’ll soon find that the crippled isn’t arsenic elemental arsenic it looks. Hence, it’ll instrumentality a definite magnitude of skills and calculations to triumph it. But that’s the amusive of it. Toy Blast screenshot 2

Make uses of the assorted boosters to cheat your mode done the levels

The crippled isn’t conscionable astir uncovering the close colour cubes, link them, and popular them off. It’s overmuch much than that. Start with the information that you tin cod a fig of antithetic boosters and almighty combos to assistance you during your Toy Blast challenges. That being said, you tin cod thing arsenic elemental arsenic the pre-selected buffs that springiness you bonus scores, exigency helps, and truthful on. On the different hand, if you’re bully astatine the game, determination are plentifulness of breathtaking boosters that you tin cod by making unthinkable combos blasts. Feel escaped to person rockets, TNT, almighty Rubik, and galore different buffs. Moreover, these buffs tin beryllium connected to each different and make adjacent much almighty blasting effects connected your board. So marque definite you usage them decently to triumph the challenges with ease.

Play the crippled with unsocial characters and observe their ain stories

More than a elemental matchmaking game, Toy Blast besides features a assortment of antithetic characters that you tin observe and play with. In addition, they besides travel with their unsocial stories that you tin acquisition on the way. Find yourself getting to cognize your adorable characters successful Toy Blast.

Take connected assorted events on with the main challenge

However, if you find the endless levels successful Toy Blast rather hard and you request clip to recover, past the amusive and breathtaking events successful the crippled should beryllium rather interesting. That being said, whenever you consciousness similar you’re stuck astatine a definite level, particularly erstwhile you get to the much hard ones, past the Start Tournament, Crown Rush, oregon Level-UP situation should beryllium the large gameplay to bask and cod caller loots. Maybe you tin cod the boosters that would assistance you flooded your challenges.

Enjoy the crippled with friends and online gamers

In addition, if you’re funny successful the online gameplay with different Toy Blast gamers from each implicit the world, past the Legends Arena is the cleanable spot for you to vie with the champion gamers successful Toy Blast. Feel escaped to enactment successful the breathtaking matches whenever you privation and amended your skills arsenic you go. Toy Blast screenshot 3

Collect and unfastened awesome prizes

Along with the collectible prizes and coins that you get from completing the levels, the crippled besides introduces the awesome Star Chest. These are the champion items that each gamers would privation to person since you tin unlock awesome and unsocial rewards that can’t beryllium recovered anyplace else.

Unlock awesome rewards each day

For the progressive gamers, Toy Blast could beryllium a truly rewarding rubric since you tin cod awesome loots without having to wage immoderate existent money. That being said, gamers tin find themselves collecting awesome regular rewards from the Spin Wheel. Just log successful to the crippled regular and you tin person your 1 accidental of collecting implicit aureate rewards.

Compete with different gamers connected the Leaderboards

Moreover, on with the Arena wherever you tin vie straight with your opponents, the crippled besides features the awesome Leaderboards truthful that you tin comparison your records successful the crippled with friends and different gamers from each implicit the world. That being said, you tin implicit the levels with large scores to constitute your sanction connected the prestigious ranking tables. Climb the Leaderboards and gain your bragging rights.

Free to play

Despite each the breathtaking features, Toy Blast is presently escaped for each Android gamers to bask connected their mobile devices. That being said, you tin easy person it installed from the Google Play Store without having to wage anything.

Enjoy wholly unlocked gameplay with our mods

However, since the crippled lone features constricted lives that auto-generate implicit clip and in-app purchases, you mightiness find it rather bothering portion enjoying your puzzle gameplay. That being said, you tin get escaped of these annoying features by having our modified mentation of the crippled installed instead. Just download and instal our Toy Blast Mod APK and you’ll person the crippled wholly unlocked. Feel escaped to bask the crippled for hours connected extremity without moving retired of lives and boosters.

Visual and dependable quality


With elemental yet dynamic and vivid graphics, Toy Blast introduces Android gamers to the epic matchmaking puzzle gameplay that you’ve ne'er seen before. Feel escaped to lucifer your cubes connected an intuitive committee and smashing them to make awesome ocular effects. Unlock unthinkable boosters and stroke the full surface with breathtaking effects.


Gamers successful Toy Blast volition person their chances to research the amusive and breathtaking dependable effects successful the game. With each popular and each tap, you’ll acquisition unsocial audio effects that marque the crippled highly enjoyable. Not to notation that the voiced characters volition wholly hook you to the adventures.

Download Toy Blast Mod latest 9262 Android APK

Fans of the celebrated Candy Crush Saga volition present person their chances to observe different large mobile puzzle crippled that they could enjoy. Dive into the endless levels of Toy Blast arsenic you bask the unsocial and breathtaking gameplay. Plus, with our mod, you’ll bask Toy Blast to the fullest.