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Experience this elemental yet satisfying trivia question gameplay wherever you’ll articulation millions of online gamers successful discovering the worlds of wondrous questions and answers. Having amusive portion learning caller and absorbing facts has ne'er been truthful easy, present that you person entree to Trivia.

Join friends oregon household members during your get-togethers and person amusive playing this awesome question crippled close connected your mobile devices. Challenge yourself and different gamers with plentifulness of absorbing questions. Enjoy breathtaking crippled modes and research much absorbing contents arsenic you dive deeper successful the game.

And not conscionable to answer, you tin besides suggest chill questions to the crippled and beryllium different contributor to the monolithic question postulation successful the game. Find retired much astir this absorbing rubric with our reviews.


In the game, players volition person entree to a immense room of unlimited questions and cognition coming from each antithetic parts of the world. Find yourself learning caller things that you ne'er thought would beryllium without existent facts from Trivia.

Choose betwixt six antithetic question categories successful the crippled which screen assorted fields oregon cognition and person yourself tested with awesome questions. With questions ranging from assorted locations, clip periods, and topics, you’ll definite bask yourself successful Trivia.

The crippled features a alternatively elemental gameplay which you tin bask with galore different users. Upon spinning the wheel, you’ll beryllium giving definite questions from a definite category. Answer correctly truthful you won’t suffer your adjacent crook and miss a accidental to capable the Crown Gauge, which you tin summation by reply 3 close questions oregon rotation the instrumentality connected the fortunate Crown section.

You tin besides get caller characters by challenging your opponents successful breathtaking duels. Win the battles to gain yourself 1 of their characters. Collect the implicit 6 characters to triumph the full game.

Moreover, the crippled besides allows users to bask awesome editing features, which allows you to adhd questions to the pools and construe definite questions to your ain languages. Feel escaped to lend to the crippled to marque it much interesting.

Lastly, you’ll person the accidental to bask antithetic question-answering crippled modes which would instrumentality you done bid of absorbing challenges and gameplay. So what’re you inactive waiting for? Let’s dive close successful the satellite of cognition successful Trivia.

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Here you’ll find each the astonishing features that the crippled has to offer:

6 unsocial characters with definite roles successful the game

To commencement with, you’ll person entree to 6 unsocial characters with their ain definite roles successful the game. They’ll supply utile and absorbing accusation for you, regarding the 6 main question categories successful the game.

For Geography facts, you tin ever number connected Tito arsenic helium shares his monolithic cognition connected the antithetic countries successful the world, their cities and capitals, celebrated oregon unsocial question locations, and more.

There isn’t a amended idiosyncratic from whom you tin larn History from different than Hector. He’s similar the implicit wikipedia with unthinkable accusation regarding the world’s history.

And to larn Science, you tin find yourself enjoying plentifulness of absorbing questions from Albert. Answer aggregate questions from varied topics specified arsenic math, chemistry, physics, and more.

For those who’re interested, you tin ever support up with the latest sports quality from Bonzo, who possesses the unthinkable sport-related knowledge.

As for the Art lovers, you tin ever find yourself enjoying the tiny yet absorbing bits of accusation from Tina each clip you rotation into this category.

To larn astir thing that’s Entertainment-related, you tin ever get the latest and astir absorbing quality from Pop. Keep up with plentifulness of updates successful music, TV shows, gaming updates, and more.

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Interesting crippled modes to bask whenever you person the time

For those who’re funny successful exploring their Trivia gameplay adjacent more, the crippled besides features breathtaking Survival mode that you tin prime up. Find yourself picking up plentifulness of absorbing situation arsenic you effort to reply arsenic galore questions arsenic possible. Beat different gamers arsenic you effort to beryllium the past 1 lasting successful the table.

And to bask the casual question-answering gameplay with small pressure, you tin besides bask the crippled successful the Single Player Mode. Learn caller cognition and effort to champion your erstwhile precocious scores successful the non-stop challenges. Play the crippled anytime and anyplace you privation astatine your ain pace.

Connect the crippled to your societal accounts and unlock caller features

And to bask adjacent much absorbing content, you tin besides link the crippled to your societal accounts. Find yourself checking connected your ranking connected the friends and satellite leaderboards truthful you tin brag with others astir your achievements.

If that’s not enough, you’re besides escaped to stock your in-game progresses connected the societal networks. Feel escaped to pass with others utilizing the chat options successful the game. Talk to friends, family, oregon a full alien that you conscionable during a matchup oregon sending elemental substance messages.

Moreover, the crippled besides features the convenient online prevention enactment which allows you to upload the in-game progresses connected the online drives. Thus, enabling elemental auto-sync enactment betwixt antithetic devices and making definite you volition ne'er suffer your saves.

Plenty of antithetic missions and challenges to complete

In addition, the crippled besides offers breathtaking missions and in-game challenges that you tin take to implicit on with the main gameplay. Enjoy breathtaking further contents portion earning your epic rewards.

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Collect aggregate Power Ups and gain your advantages

Moreover, you’re besides allowed to cod aggregate Power Ups successful the crippled to gain definite advantages during a matchup. These see the utile Bombs that region 2 of your incorrect answers and springiness you a caller start, oregon usage the Double Chance to gain yourself different crook to reply a question successful lawsuit you get it wrong. And astir importantly, with the unthinkable Skip, you tin easy hide astir the hard question and simply determination to the adjacent one.

Feel escaped to lend to the game

In addition, dedicated fans of the crippled tin besides articulation different gamers from each implicit the satellite arsenic you lend your cognition to the question pools. Therefore, making the crippled a batch much absorbing for Android gamers.

And to marque the crippled much universally accepted, gamers are besides fixed the enactment to construe definite questions to their autochthonal oregon proficient languages. Upon being approved, your sanction volition beryllium shown connected the Boards on with different contributors, which is rather cool.

Free to play

The crippled is presently listed connected the Google Play Store for free. Hence, Android gamers tin easy person it downloaded and installed connected your mobile devices. All it takes is simply a azygous pat connected the Install fastener and you tin person entree to the full gameplay for free.

Enjoy unlimited coins with our mod

And since it’s a freemium title, you’re inactive bounded by ads and in-app purchases connected the game. That being said, it mightiness beryllium a amended prime for you to instal our modified mentation of the crippled instead. Just download and instal the Trivia Crack Mod APK from our website and you’ll beryllium bully to go.

With it, you tin present person entree to the unlimited coins which let you to unlock the full gameplay and acquisition plentifulness of utile customizations. Not to notation that we’ve besides removed the annoying ads, allowing you to bask the crippled to the fullest.

Visual and dependable quality


While it’s not a graphically demanding gameplay, Trivia inactive offers large ocular experiences for Android gamers. That being said, the wide and intuitive interfaces marque it a batch easier for you to recognize the questions and larn caller knowledge. The colorful plan besides makes it rather affable and accessible for gamers of each ages. Hence, it’s cleanable to bask during your household oregon person get-togethers.


Enjoy the elemental and catchy soundtracks successful the crippled arsenic you find yourself answering questions aft questions. Moreover, the responsive audio effects besides marque the crippled much interesting.

Download Trivia Crack Mod latest 3.144.1 Android APK

For those who’re looking for an addictive casual game, past Trivia should beryllium the cleanable crippled for you. Not lone that it offers breathtaking gameplay, but you tin besides larn a batch of caller things. And astir importantly, it features addictive and affable gameplay for some groups and individuals. Plus, the ever-expanding question pools would surely involvement you.