World of Kings 1.3.12 APK

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World of Kings

Experience the classical MMORPG gameplay successful the latest online rubric from ZLOONG arsenic you immerse yourself into the epic battlefields of World of Kings. Together with the different heroes, players volition articulation forces to decision the evils that person been ravaging the lands for excessively long. Find retired everything you request to cognize astir World of Kings with our reviews.


The crippled is acceptable successful a acheronian epoch connected a satellite called Ideon, successful which endless wars and demolition person struck the lands and their people. With the Black Dragon lurking implicit them, lives for the radical Ideon look to person nary hope.

But successful the darkest times, heroes volition rise. Take up arms and beryllium the saviors of your lands and people. Embark your travel into the World of Kings and destruct the evils that person been causing pains and terrors.

World of Kings


Here you’ll find each the breathtaking features successful World of Kings:

Create your ain heroes

With World of Kings, players are allowed to make and customize their ain characters with assorted traits. Start by choosing your desired heroes from 4 antithetic races, which are Human, Elf, Dark Elf, and Dwarf. Each contention volition person its ain peculiar powers and abilities, take the ones that you consciousness astir important.

In addition, your heroes tin travel successful 9 antithetic classes, which includes Fighters, Archer, Rogue, Warrior, Mage, Cleric, and truthful on. Each people comes with antithetic sets of skills that marque them effectual successful definite cases.

You’ll besides person 27 unsocial specializations for definite types of heroes from 9 classes and 4 races. This makes the crippled highly divers and breathtaking with each subordinate having their ain unsocial peculiar powers.

In World of Kings, players tin question successful styles by having assorted mounts that tin heighten some their velocity and maneuverability. Traveling to antithetic places person ne'er been truthful convenient and satisfying. And connected apical of that, you’ll besides person your adorable pets riding on with you. They’ll marque your heroes basal retired from the others. Plus, their powers and abilities tin besides assistance you during your combats.

And past but not least, with aggregate costumes and gears, World of Kings offers distinctive manner styles that you person ne'er spot connected different titles.

World of Kings

Explore the breathtaking raids system

The raiding strategy successful World of Kings is highly divers with assorted missions and quests. You tin take to enactment unsocial successful your solo escapade oregon marque friends and signifier teams with different players. Together, you tin research dozens of antithetic dungeons and caverns with varied difficulties. Choose the close ones for your existent levels and commencement to person amusive with it.

You tin besides instrumentality connected elephantine bosses successful epic enactment combats. Using your combined spot to instrumentality down enemies that are much almighty than you and gain yourself epic loots. You tin signifier ample parties with sizes ranging from 5 to 25 people. Having the close squad compositions and together, you tin instrumentality down adjacent the Dark Dragon.

Enjoy epic PvP battles successful ample scale

Together with exploring the satellite and decision the evils, players tin situation each different successful breathtaking online battles. Join different gamers successful assorted battles including Capture the Flags, Raid the Enemies, oregon epic PvP battles with a maximum of 20 players connected each side. It’s going to beryllium an breathtaking brawl.

And to marque the crippled adjacent much exciting, the battles volition hap connected randomly generated maps which you tin ne'er predict. On apical of the monolithic guild battles volition beryllium highly exhilarating.

World of Kings

Massive unfastened satellite representation to explore

Here successful World of Kings players volition beryllium introduced to a monolithic unfastened satellite successful which you’re escaped to research everything. With ample maps that covering a maximum country of 26 quadrate kilometers, players volition beryllium successful for a existent adventure.

Explore each facet of the lands successful World of Kings and unveil untold stories arsenic you advancement with your characters. Travel to varied locations featuring tunnels, deserts, tropical jungles, and exposure yourself to the worlds astir you.

World of Kings

Enjoy the crippled with online players from each astir the world

Apart from gaming, World of Kings is besides a large spot for online gamers to freely socialize with each other. Choose your characters and articulation millions of others successful the satellite of Ideon. There galore antithetic ways for gamers to interact with others, from lobby substance chat to in-game dependable chat. Communicating with others person ne'er been truthful casual and fun.

You tin besides marque friends and physique your ain guild. Collect resources and physique your ain stronghold arsenic you support the lands from enemies’ attacks. Upgrade your guilds and articulation guild wars wherever you tin efficaciously articulation monolithic combats with your teammates.

Free to play

The crippled is presently escaped to play and has nary volition to alteration that, which is wherefore gamers from each astir the satellite tin easy instrumentality connected their adventures successful World of Kings without having to wage immoderate extra. Having said that, close now, you tin entree the Google Play Store and get the crippled connected your devices to commencement enjoying.

World of Kings

Visual and dependable quality


With monolithic maps and realistic 3D designs, World of Kings is 1 of the fewer games that connection some top-notch gameplay and s quality. There is thing to kick astir the ocular effects oregon colors, each are well-detailed and vivid.

However, this besides means that you’ll request decent hardware to bask the crippled astatine creaseless framerates. For low-end devices, you mightiness expect immoderate lags and stutters during combats.


Powerful and epic euphony with close dependable effects volition marque players bask the crippled adjacent more. You’ll consciousness similar you’re a existent leader of Ideon portion experiencing the breathtaking combats.

How To Install World of Kings APK with OBB information file

  1. APK instal it connected your device.
  2. Extract the OBB record to /SDCARD/Android/obb/ Ensure that the OBB record ( sits wrong the folder.
  3. Start the crippled again. Enjoy!

Download World of Kings latest 1.3.12 Android APK

World of Kings is, without a doubt, a cleanable MMORPG rubric for those who’ve been hopeless for a existent RPG game connected their mobile devices. Join millions of others present arsenic you embark your epic travel successful World of Kings.